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Your search for lichen found 33 images.. 
Stone lichen in Norway Jackson's Chameleon lichen camouflaged Fungi growing out of lichen covered log Birch bark with lichen Lichen on petrified wood Moss and lichen Moss, lichen & tiny mushroom Lichen covered tree Lichen covered grave stone Lichen covered forest floor 3D R Slate stone wall with lichen Lichen Moss and lichen on a branch Lichen pattern on rock Lichen covered trees Lichen on ancient basalt flow Merveille du Jour moth on lichen Thrift and lichen covered rocks on Lundy Lichen Lichen Fire Fingers Jumping spider Great Horned Owl on a snowy branch Albino Hedgehog Grey Squirrel on a snowy branch Toadstools on pine forest floor Lichen-covered rocks and Thrift Fungi in Lemmenjoki woodland Common Woodlouse Small Tortoiseshell on a tile Common Woodlouse on lichen-covered stone Common Hawker Dragonfly Common Woodlouse on lichen-covered stone