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Atlantic Salmon leaping Siamese fighting fish Common Frogs croaking in a pond Common Frog croaking Red Common Frogs Hoverflies hovering Fiddler Crabs fighting Sticklebacks Siamese fighting fish Siamese fighting fish Blue Damselflies Robins on a snowy stump Garden Black Ant winged males and females Banded Demoiselle males in flight Garden Black Ant winged males and females Siskin males fighting Siskin males fighting Mayflies at sunset Dragonflies flying over a pond Male Sticklebacks fighting Male Carpenter Bees fighting Male Sticklebacks fighting Chalkhill blue butterflies on rabbit skeleton Black-throated Mango Hummingbirds Hairy-legged Mining Bees on flowers Common Frogs croaking Banded Demoiselles in flight Blue Damselflies Plains zebras sparring Banded Demoiselles flying Siamese Fighting Fish Cute Birman kitten and rabbit Fluffy ginger female kitten Grasping ginger cat Cat spraying Playful ginger kitten Tabby kitten lying and stretching out Grasping Cat Ginger-and-white tom-cat, spraying Barking Gecko & Cat Silver tabby kitten frightened at strange ginger cat Grasping Cat Kestrel male in flight Ginger cat rolling Boy with Shetland pony Mosquito hatching sequence Siamese-cross cat Family with kittens in a basket Boy and Weimaraner pups Black-and-white kitten Golden Chinchilla Persian and Silver tabby Exotic cats Earwig male Cute Birman kitten and rabbit Silver spotted cat in aggressive posture Ginger cat dancing Ginger cat Stag Beetle Furtive Bengal cat Tabby kitten running Oriental Fire-bellied Toad Rhinoceros beetle flying Green Woodpecker in flight Ginger cat flehming Kestrel in flight Man and dog watching a boat Black and black-and-white tuxedo kittens, with collars Black-and-white kitten Ginger Persian male kitten Stoat Siamese fighting fish Speckled Bush Cricket British Silver Spotted male cat pouncing Ginger cat Edible Frog croaking Stag Beetle male Brine Shrimp adult male Common Darter Dragonfly Playful tabby kitten and black Labrador pup Burmese male cat Red Deer at sunset Black-and-white Border Collie and kitten Standing cat Korat male cat Ginger Persian kitten and fawn Pug Redpoll male Kittens among flowers Ginger cat Southern Hawker Dragonfly Cats boxing Dog fleas Chinchilla Persian cat wearing a Santa hat Bone Headed Dinosaurs (Pachycephalosaurus) Silver tabby cat Ginger cat, back view, looking over shoulder Burmese male cat standing up Cats mating Bengal cat and kitten Girl with playful silver tabby cat Black kitten with Dutch rabbit Bullfinch male in flight