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Bengal x Birman cat eating a catmint plant King Charles pup in a blue plant pot Elephant's Trunk or Halfmens desert plant Pitcher plant Desert sand and plant Spiky plant Elephant's Trunk or Halfmens desert plant Mother-of-Pearl Plant with captured drop of water Corkscrew plant Plant Bug on grass flower Dead desert plant in sand Succulent plant Hoodia plant Salt crystals on a bit of plant Grass plant on a sand dune Hoodia plant Desert plant Hoodia plant Dead desert plant in sand Basset Hound pup with ears up in a plant pot Broom in New Zealand Welwitschia Welwitschia Welwitschia Earthworm beneath plant pot Calcium carbonate covered plant in hot spring Bengal x Birman cat sitting under a catmint plant Green aphids on plant stem Rime on dead plant stems Border Collie-cross pup in a large plant pot Silver tabby cat destroying an Azalea pot plant Plant hopper nymph New Zealand plant Epiphytic plant Elephant's Trunk or Halfmens desert plant Chinese lantern plant Plant bugs hibernating Elephant foot plant Elephant foot plant Elephant foot plant Plant bug Plant bug Waterberg plant hopper Desert plant on granite Hoodia plant at sunrise Hoodia plant Desert plant on red volcanic rocks Desert plant on red volcanic rocks Desert plant Desert plant in a rocky scene Desert plant Autumnal Sumac plant Plant bug Two cats with catmint Bengal and azalea Bengal and azalea Cat with catmint Cat with catmint Cat carrying a mouthful of petals Hinged Tortoise Hinged Tortoise Cabbage Root Fly larvae Welwitschia Welwitschia Welwitschia Welwitschia Cabbage root fly damage Spirit of the cat - Lion Spirit of the cat - Tiger Spirit of the cat - White Tiger Kitten and robin in snow Witch's cat with pumpkins Grey Squirrel with nuts Duckling & goldfish Dandelion with seeds blowing off Two kittens in a trug basket Cat eating indoor grass Golden Retriever puppy in Autumn woods Young cat in Autumn Cat chewing grass Iguanodon and Deinonicus 3D R Ockley Oak - Spring Kittens among holly berries Spirit of the cat - Clouded Leopard Robin on snowy Holly berries Ginger kitten sitting on a lawn Spirit of the cat - Black Panther Grey kitten with tinsel and holly berries Kitten among snowy holly Sleepy Yellow Retriever in a bag of gourds Dandelion with seeds blowing off Hibernating Dormouse Geese & roly-poly bales panoramic view Yellow and Chocolate Retriever pups at Halloween Labrador pups at gap in fence Spirit of the cat - Lynx Caledonian forest Labrador with basket of fruit Black Maine Coon kitten with Halloween pumpkin Redwing on holly