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Large White taking off multiple exposure Orange tip in flight Marbled White Butterfly flying over flower Orange-tip Butterfly in flight Monarch Butterfly taking off Glasswing Butterfly Cattleheart Butterfly Chalkhill Blue taking off multiple exposure Peacock Butterfly and bluebell flowers Painted Lady Butterfly flying over bluebell flowers Red Admiral in flight Chalkhill Blue male in flight Brimstone Butterflies taking off Hedge Brown taking off multiple exposure Monarch Butterflies at Mt. St. Helens Brimstone taking off multiple exposure Tiger Swallowtail alighting Meadow Brown taking off multiple exposure Brimstone alighting on Selfheal Hummingbird Hawkmoth Elephant Hawk Moth Harlequin Ladybirds in flight Longhorn beetle flight sequence multiple image Longhorn beetle in flight Longhorn beetle takeoff multiple image Soldier beetle in flight Wood Boring Beetle in flight Cockchafer Beetle taking off Rhinoceros beetle flying Green fruit beetles Longhorn beetle Rhinoceros beetle flying Longhorn beetle Soldier beetle taking off Tiger beetle flying from gorse Tiger beetle flying from gorse Cockchafer taking off multiple exposure Ladybird take-off Ladybird triple image Rose Chafers in flight Ladybird triple image Ladybird triple image Ladybird take-off Stag Beetle with sky Cicada in flight Tropical cicada in flight Black Ants flying from plantain Hornet worker 'attack mode' Hairy-legged Mining Bee in flight Bee-killer Wasp and parasitic fly Bee-killer Wasp with bee Bee-killer Wasp with honey bee prey Bee in flight Saxony Wasp drone in flight Hornet male in flight Leaf-cutting Bee in flight Wood Wasp in flight Mason bee carrying mud Bumblebee Bee-killer wasp with bee Bee-killer Wasp with bee Bees in flight Bumblebee visiting comfrey Common Wasp worker banking in flight Hornets in flight Hornet in flight Hornet in flight Leaf cutting bee Swarm of Honey Bees Hornet in flight Honey Bee visiting lupine flowers St Mark's Fly in flight Alder Fly in flight Housefly taking off Giant Lacewing taking off Green Lacewing taking off Mayfly Bee fly visiting Alkanet flower Houseflies in flight Lacewing taking off multiple exposure Mosquito hatching sequence Mosquitoes in flight Hoverflies hovering Giant Lacewing taking off multiple image Migrant Hoverfly Stinkhorn and flies Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly over pond Southern Aeshna Dragonfly Darter Dragonfly landing multiple exposure Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly flying multiple exposure Banded Demoiselle Damselflies Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Aeshna dragonfly Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies in flight Aeshna dragonfly Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly over glistening water Katydid in flight Katydid in flight Locust in flight Grasshoppers leaping