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Harvest Mouse Grey Wolf sitting Hedgehog Badger cubs Badger amongst bluebells Orang utan face Chinchilla and baby Agouti Mongolian Gerbil and baby Grey Squirrel and baby Red Fox vixen and cubs Mother and baby Hedgehog Cute bulldog pup looking coy Ginger kitten lying on his side with young Grey Squirrel Red Fox cub and Guinea pig Cat with Multiple Allergy-induced Eczema Baby Hedgehog Border Collie pup meeting a young Hedgehog Grey Squirrel on tree stump Colorado Chipmunk Young Grey Squirrels Young Grey Squirrel climbing on agouti rabbit Baby Hedgehog Soprano Pipistrelle Bat emerging from church Soprano Pipistrelle Bat emerging from church Hedgehog and kitten sharing food Agouti Mongolian Gerbil Rabbit and fox cub Fox and Kitten playing - (3 May) Bat photography setup 4 annotated Oxpecker on Sable Antelope Glen Orchy jigsaw Ocelot Young Grey Squirrel and sandy rabbit Young Grey Squirrels on blue background Young Hedgehogs Natterer's bat Scottish Wild Cat Mouse jumping multiple exposure Long-eared Bat flight sequence Dormouse hibernating Eland and zebra watching a pair of lions Bat photography setup Chipmunk and Owlet Little girl with cat on a chair Trio of Wolves Border Collie pup examining a hedgehog Grey Squirrels chasing Squirrel leaping Yellow-necked Mouse with a nut Short-eared Owl in Iceland Baby Hedgehogs Serotine bat Cute little Red Fox cub Dormouse on honeysuckle Orang-utan mother and baby Pipistrelle flying among willow Common Zebras Eastern Grey Kangaroo, on haunches Young Grey Squirrel sea of hazel nuts Fallow Deer fawn Tabby kitten interacting with baby Grey Squirrel Wild Cat attempting to catch a Blue Tit Bison and Geyser Baby polecat Tawny Owl & Mouse on Fallen pine Long-eared Bat flight sequence Squirrel Monkey Hibernating Daubenton's Bat Young Grey Squirrel eating hazelnut on brown background Baby Hedgehog Reindeer stag Egyptian Rousette Bat Kenya sunset Black Rat with rope and lighthouse Long-eared Bat drinking Grey kitten interacting with baby Grey Squirrel Long-tailed Field Mouse with a tick Red Fox cub and Border Collie Red Fox cub and shaggy Guinea pig Red Fox cub in a Santa hat Hoary Marmot browsing Yellow Labrador pup lying in a wicker basket dog bed Red Squirrel Red Squirrel Young Grey Squirrels Impala at sunset Cute little Red Fox cub White Bear on beach Southern Flying Squirrel Long-eared Bat drinking Elephants Fox and Kitten playing - (16 May) Fox cub portrait Baby Hedgehog Young Hedgehogs playing in metal watering can Young Badger and black-and-white Border Collie Natterer's Bat drinking Cute little Red Fox cubs Dormouse on honeysuckle Fleas on baby ferrets