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Spiny mice with babies Young rabbits being watched by a fox Kenya sunset Fox parent Fox and Kitten playing - (3 May) Moose at Grand Teton Hedgehog and puppy with toy Christmas pudding Short-tailed Fruit Bat Mountain Hare Guinea pig and young hedgehogs Natterer's Bat drinking Grey Squirrels on a branch Muntjac deer fawn and Sandy rabbit Fire and Storm Clouds in African bush Mouse running Columbian Ground Squirrel Cute little Red Fox cub holding a flower Grey Squirrel Ferret mother and baby House Mouse Zebra in motion Fox parent Black Rhinos Albino Hedgehog Hedgehog curled up White tailed Deer on Big Meadow Natterer's Bat Daubenton's Bat Long-tailed Field Mouse Black Bear in forest Oryx at Hidden Vlei Baby Hedgehog Muntjac deer fawn Baby Hedgehog and Guinea pig Pair of young Hedgehogs Gambian fruit bat Margay snarling Mountain Hare Spots on the flank of a cheetah Oryx and flowers Tawny Owl & Mouse on a Birch log Rabbit in Bluebell woods Baby Pig-tailed Macaque Hedgehog anointing Young Grey Squirrel in a flowerpot Baby Hedgehog and agouti Lop rabbit Baby Hedgehog and Guinea pig Puppy and rabbit African Wild Cat Hedgehog Impala ram Grey Squirrel on a snowy branch Long-eared bat Dormouse hibernating European Rabbits Fox cubs and cowslips Soay sheep Gibraltar Barbary Macaque mother and baby Gibraltar Barbary Macaque Bornean white-bearded gibbon Proboscis Monkeys Young Grey Squirrel with pyramid of hazel nuts Orang utan male Orang utan male Orang utan mother and baby Rocky Mountain Goat Unitah Chipmunk on fallen tree stump Hoary Marmot browsing Rocky Mountain Goat Baby yellow-necked mice Young Grey Squirrel standing up Young Badger Whiskered Bat Fox cub portrait Whistling Rats and flowers Water Shrew Elephant with baby in motion Foxes and snow in Manning Park Natterer's bat Baby Hedgehogs in a little metal watering can Verreaux's Sifaka Przewalski's Wild Horse Vervet Monkey with baby Slender-tailed Meerkat Brown Hare leveret Bull elephant facing us Stoat Two playful young Badger Black-and-white and grey-and-white Persian-cross kittens Natterer's bat Diadem sifaka Young rabbits being watched by a fox Fox on log bridge at dawn Golden Lion Tamarin Baby Mongolian Gerbils Grey Squirrel leaping Oxpecker on Buffalo Wild Boar in pine forest Water Vole in Motion Guinea pigs fighting