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Water Vole in Motion Guinea pigs fighting Young rabbits White Bear on beach Natterer's Bat drinking Fruit-eating bat feeding on paw-paw Hedgehog anointing Baby Hedgehog and young Lionhead-cross rabbit Baby Hedgehog Black Rhinos Young Badger with an orange Hedgehog in a Santa hat Lion lounging Grey Kangaroo joey Agouti dwarf rabbit standing up Scottish Wild Cat Fox cubs Rabbit and baby Guinea pig Steinbok Baby European Rabbit Insectivorous bats emerging from a cave Serotine Bat European Bison in rain Kongoni at sunset Baby Golden Hamsters Badger on a log bridge Warthogs in Mud Young Grey Squirrels in a little metal watering can Baby Hedgehog wearing a straw hat Baby Hedgehog and shaggy Guinea pig Two playful young Badger with a fir cone Muntjac deer fawn Muntjac deer fawn and Sandy rabbit Baby European Rabbit Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Border Collie dog and badger going for a walk Jane Burton with a badger Red Fox cub and adult European Rabbit Tabby kitten inspecting a Hedgehog Spectacled Elephant Shrew Wood Mouse Badger on log bridge at dawn Flea on a baby shrew Mantled howler monkey Indian Elephant Young Hedgehog Stoat with egg Muntjac deer fawn and Sandy rabbit Cute little Red Fox cub Cute little Red Fox cubs Cute little Red Fox cub, yawning Giraffe family Sami and Reindeer Racoons Short-eared Owl in Iceland White Tiger in bush scene Leopard Badgers by moonlight Kapadokian camel Antarctic Fur Seal Lions at sunset Przewalski's Wild Horse Proboscis monkey Fox and cats on a blanket Squirrel Monkey Long-eared bat Border Collie pup examining a hedgehog Baby domestic Polecat Ferret Cute little Red Fox cubs Lynx yawning Glen Coe jigsaw Mongolian Wild Horse Lioness lounging Hedgehog anointing Fox and kitten disputing over toy Young Grey Squirrel and fluffy rabbit on blue background Fallow Deer fawn and Sandy rabbit Muntjac deer fawn and agouti rabbit Pair of young Hedgehogs Stoats playing Stoat Long-tailed Field Mouse with a tick Border Collie with fox cub Pipistrelle Bat Pair of Grey Squirrels Hoary Marmot Wolves and reindeer in Norway Polar Bears on ice floe Flea on the wing of a bat Baby Hedgehog in a little metal watering can Baby Hedgehog and shaggy Guinea pig Baby Hedgehog and Guinea pig Baby Hedgehog Baby Hedgehog wearing a straw hat Pair of baby Hedgehogs Trinidad fruit bat Gambian fruit bat Pipistrelle with Guildford city lights Mountain Hare running Giant Leaf-nosed Bats