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Natterer's Bat Wood mouse Hedgehog eating from ginger kitten's food bowl Long-tailed Field Mouse Insectivorous bats emerging from a cave Pipistrelle Bat Stoat Whistling Rat Rabbit among primroses Fallow Deer Hedgehog preparing to anoint Springbok in desert scene with mirage Squirrel jumping Common Zebras Chinchillas Variegated Squirrel Young Grey Squirrel eating a hazelnut Stoat Young Badger and black-and-white Border Collie Muntjac deer fawn Muntjac deer fawn Grey kitten interacting with baby Grey Squirrel Bantam defending her chicks from a rat Humpback Whale Grey Squirrel eating a nut Mark and the Marmots Baby Hedgehog and agouti Lop rabbit Baby Hedgehog in a flowerpot Tabby kitten inspecting a Hedgehog Baby European Rabbit Perky looking Zebras Leopard Bank Vole Cheetah Wolf portrait Slender-tailed Meerkat Playful fox cubs Chimpanzee Arctic Ground Squirrel Hedgehog anointing Young Badger Young Grey Squirrel with wicker basket of hazel nuts Young Grey Squirrel in a Santa hat Young Grey Squirrels in a little metal watering can Mahout, getting his elephant to perform a trick Fallow Deer fawn and Sandy rabbit Young Hedgehogs Young stoats Baby Hedgehog and Guinea pig European Hedgehogs Pair of Shaw's Gerbils, standing Red Fox panting Kapadokian camel Long-eared Bat Grey Squirrel and grey kitten Young polecat ferrets Wild Guinea Pigs Orang utan juvenile Mouse carrying baby Common Genet Boy sharing a biscuit with a rock hyrax Chinchilla Kapadokian camel Insectivorous bats in flight Antarctic Fur Seal European Rabbit Senegal Bushbaby Border Collie bitch with Red Fox cub Hibernating Natterer's Bat Asian Elephant taking a bath and playing Asian Elephant taking a bath Fallow Deer fawn Three young Hedgehogs Young Badger Hazel with Fallow Deer fawn Playful young Badger with a fir cone Grey Squirrel on tree stump Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Gambian fruit bat Long-eared Bat hunting a moth Red Deer stag belling Southern Flying Squirrel Pika Masai Giraffe Orang-utan male with bananas Baby hedgehog Giraffe Border Collie bitch with Red Fox cub Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Verreaux's Sifaka Fawn male Chinchilla Mice on peanut feeder Mice on bird feeder Rat carrying nesting material Rat carrying baby Whistling Rat female suckling young Otter Cape Ground Squirrel Fur seal yawning