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Red-bellied Lemur Spiny Mouse sucking foot Mother and baby Golden Hamsters Desert Foxes Oryx Young Grey Squirrel in a little metal watering can Baby hedgehog Young Grey Squirrel on blue background Mahout, getting his elephant to perform a trick Two young Hedgehogs Two young Hedgehogs Young Hedgehogs Three young Hedgehogs Muntjac deer fawn Guanaco on the run Jane Burton photographing albino hedgehog Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Whale vertebra Natterer's Bat Stoats exploring birch stump Whistling Rat Sea Otters Wild Boar mother and piglets Fox cub Genet in thorn tree Pika Bat photography setup Silver tabby kitten inspecting a Hedgehog Hedgehog in a Santa hat Holly berries with squirrel Gerenuk at sunset Brown Bear Zebra European Bison Young Grey Squirrel with loo roll Young Badger Muntjac deer fawn Guanaco Southern Elephant Seal Wood Mouse Cute little Red Fox cub Border Collie bitch with Red Fox cub Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Baby fawn Chinchilla, 2 days old Kapadokian camel and camel handler Crabeater Seals Chimpanzee Cheetah Brown Bear Cape Fur Seals Squirrel leap Striped Ground Squirrel Jane Burton with fox and dog Giraffe Otter Arctic Fox portrait Yellow-necked Mice Water Vole with kingcups House mouse carrying baby Baby rabbit Hedgehog in a Santa hat Crab-eater Seal and Adelie Penguins Cape Fur Seal colony Field Vole Baby Hedgehogs in a flowerpot Red Fox cub Baby European Rabbit Pair of young Hedgehogs Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Badger cub and black-and-white Border Collie pup Red-fronted Lemur Indiri portrait Hedgehog yawning Common Zebra stallions sniffing Insectivorous bats in flight Insectivorous bats in flight Grey Squirrel and grey kitten Grey Squirrels on an apple branch Brown Rat standing Rock Hyrax Pygmy goat kid, 14 weeks old Grey kitten interacting with baby Grey Squirrel Young Grey Squirrel Mirage over Etosha pan Fur seal Baby European Rabbit Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Tabby kitten and young Hedgehog sharing food Mouse Lemur Common Zebras at a salt lick Kapadokian camel Trinidad fruit bat Grey seal pup Zebras brawling in Damaraland European Red Squirrel European Red Squirrel Rock Hyrax catching the early sun River otter Neotropical River Otter