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Purple Emperor on hand Garden Spider with cranefly prey Garden Spider with grasshopper prey Orb-web Spider with lacewing prey Orange Jewel Beetle Fly on a toadstool Silver-washed Fritillary The Cruiser Common Darter Dragonfly Common Darter Dragonfly Golden-ringed Dragonfly Long-horn Beetle Honey Bee waggle dance Sheep tick on a dog Scorpion Fly Speckled bush cricket portrait Garden Spider binding hoverfly prey Moss-carder Bumblebee Bee-killer Wasp Libellula Dragonfly Spider's web and palm frond Young ramshorn snails Hornet drinking juice Pill Woodlouse Large Red Damselfly Water Slater Greenhouse Whitefly Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Jewel Beetle 14-spot ladybirds hibernating Cream cat with a honey bee on its face Tubifex worms Asparagus Beetle Orange Tip butterfly Hermit crab eting fish head Orange-tip pupa Brimstone Butterfly eggs Brimstone caterpillar Hornet worker in level flight Hermit crab Hermit crab Hermit crab Leaf-cutting bee egg Green aphids on plant stem Tsetse fly biting Peppered Moths on charred wood Raft Spider with captured damselfly Dung Beetles Blister Beetle mimic Termites on dead wood Yellow-tail Moth Katydid Mason bee with pollen Red Mason Bee carrying mud Bee box Jumping spider Wood Ant workers Newly emerged Black Fly Ants sharing a drop of honeydew from aphids November Moth Limpets on a cracked rock Hornet queen on ivy Blue Damselflies Feather Midge side view Comma caterpillar on nettle Stick Insect Wood Wasp egg-laying Shore Crab sloughing Slough of Fiddler Crab Ants emerging in spring Honey Bee pupa Nasute termites Long-horn beetle Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Common Blue male & female on grass head Green Lacewing on Corncockle Soldier termite head Red Admiral butterfly Fly on blackberry Chelifer attached to fly Nile crocodiles with citrus swallowtails Pebbles on an Iona sandy beach Red Ants collecting honeydew from Aphids Dragonfly nymph Red Admiral egg Orange tip egg on garlic mustard Tree Wasp wing hooks Nut weevil Peacock Butterfly caterpillar to pupa series Spingtail on water fern Minute soil-living bristletail Commiphora grasshopper Marine planktonic copepods Large White Butterfly caterpillars parasitised by wasp Newly emerged Black Fly Longhorn Beetle taking off Dark Bush Cricket nymph Musk Beetle Oak Bush Cricket Whirligig Beetle