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Green Lacewing on Corncockle Soldier termite head Red Admiral butterfly Fly on blackberry Chelifer attached to fly Nile crocodiles with citrus swallowtails Pebbles on an Iona sandy beach Red Ants collecting honeydew from Aphids Dragonfly nymph Red Admiral egg Orange tip egg on garlic mustard Tree Wasp wing hooks Nut weevil Peacock Butterfly caterpillar to pupa series Spingtail on water fern Minute soil-living bristletail Commiphora grasshopper Marine planktonic copepods Large White Butterfly caterpillars parasitised by wasp Newly emerged Black Fly Longhorn Beetle taking off Dark Bush Cricket nymph Musk Beetle Oak Bush Cricket Whirligig Beetle Phantom Midge larva Red ants and black aphids Red Ants and Nettle Aphids Mosquito sucking blood Katydid in flight Strawberry Shrimp Seven-spot Ladybird eggs Hornet queen defensive Desert Locust Oak Marble Gall wasp larva Namib lubber grasshopper Aphids on nettle stem Ant lion larva Red ant milking an aphid Fiddler Crab sloughing Diurnal ground beetle Honey Bee drinking Spotted Flycatcher Herald Moths hibernating Six-spot Burnet moth Sexton Beetle on greenfinch Giant robber fly Black-veined White Common Blues at sunrise Southern Aeshna Dragonfly Hornet in flight Ocher Starfish and Goose Barnacles Grasshopper on a red flower Small Copper Butterfly on Yarrow flower Grey Flesh Fly on Yarrow flower Horse Fly Marmalade Hoverfly Marmalade hoverfly Leaf-cutting bee resting Cuttlefish eggs Luminous click beetle Rainforest moth Spider Red Mason Bee laying egg Red Mason Bee drone in flight Mason bee with pollen Red Mason Bee carrying pollen Mason bee carrying mud Mason bee building cell Hornets' nest Jumping spider Hornet workers feeding on sap Hornet workers feeding on sap Hornet workers feeding on sap Longhorn beetle in flight Green Tree Ants making a nest Green Tree Ants making a nest Puss Moth caterpillar Dock Chrysomelid Beetles mating Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly Longhorn Beetle on hogweed Large Red Damselflies mating and laying eggs Green Tiger Beetle Peacock Butterfly Oak Bush Cricket Silver-washed Fritillaries Scarce Swallowtail Rose Aphid Seven-spot Ladybird pupa Pattern of polished ammonite Painted Lady hatch - pupa Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Butterfly Stick mantis nymph Wall butterflies Giant mantis 88 Butterfly Leaf cutting bee Ocher Starfish Giant Red Mite Striped snail