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Saxony Wasps' nest Mayfly in flight Red-tipped Flower Beetle taking off Hummingbird Hawkmoth caterpillar Longhorn beetle Stag Beetle larva Cardinal Beetle larvae under bark Brimstone Butterfly Bumblebee Tumbu Fly maggot Greenbottle Fly basking on a leaf Long-winged Conehead Cricket Ground beetle on birch bark Stag Beetle take off Aeshna Dragonfly Orange-tip Butterfly in flight Alder Wood-wasp Marbled White Butterfly flying over flower Hairy-legged Mining Bee in flight Wood Boring Beetle in flight Giraffe-necked weevil Wolf Spider Orb-web Spider Moss carder bee Whirligig Rose chafers on musk thistle Giant Cockroach Shore Crab eggs Garden Chafer Starfish regenerating limb Desert scorpion Monarch Butterfly hatching Green Hairstreak Cricket in a drop of water Raft Spider female on water surface Butterflies drinking Shieldbug nymph Merveille du Jour moth on lichen Filamentous green algae Common Prawn larva False Scorpion on a Housefly Puss Moth caterpillar Close up of sting of Hornet River Skater Cuckoo Bee Aphids killed by parasitic wasps Shore Crab Dragonfly Hummingbird Hawkmoth Caribbean Land Crab Azure Damselfly pair Cockchafer Beetle Garden Spider building web Giant Red Mites Common Darter Dragonfly eyes Leaf-cutting Bee Comma on blackberries Green dung beetle Caddis fly in flight Freshwater Shrimp with young Small Copper on hawkweed Monarch Butterfly hatching Bee Hawkmoth Pattern of sectioned ammonite Wasp Beetle Alder Fly in flight Dytiscus water beetles under ice Tubifex worms Yellowtail moth at rest and defensive Bloody-nosed Beetle Green Scarab rolling dung ball Bacon Beetle Dark Bush Cricket Flatworm with newly laid egg capsule Comma Butterfly newly emerged Silkworm moth larva spinning its cocoon Green Tiger Beetle Great Diving Beetle Cicada Honey Bee Common Carder Bee Beetle Large Red Damselfly Lake Midge Black-tipped Soldier Beetle on a flower Red Admiral hatch sequence vertical Pond skater American Cockroach Hoverfly larva eating aphids Hoverflies and spear thistle Shore Crab male and female Cat with a honey bee on its face Golden orb spider with approaching fly Spider in web with approaching fly Leaf cutting bee Garden snail walking on glass Fiddler crab male feeding Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Honey bee queen tended by workers Water mite