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Flatworm with newly laid egg capsule Comma Butterfly newly emerged Silkworm moth larva spinning its cocoon Green Tiger Beetle Great Diving Beetle Cicada Honey Bee Common Carder Bee Beetle Large Red Damselfly Lake Midge Black-tipped Soldier Beetle on a flower Red Admiral hatch sequence vertical Pond skater American Cockroach Hoverfly larva eating aphids Hoverflies and spear thistle Shore Crab male and female Cat with a honey bee on its face Golden orb spider with approaching fly Spider in web with approaching fly Leaf cutting bee Garden snail walking on glass Fiddler crab male feeding Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Honey bee queen tended by workers Water mite Eyed Ladybird Giant hoverfly Harvestman on birch leaf Orb-web spider, Argiope Monarch Butterfly hatching Great Orange Tip Butterfly, drinking Large White Butterfly eggs Common Prawn female with eggs Freshwater Shrimp Green Hairstreak Butterfly Emperor Moth Hoverfly on plantain Saxony Wasp drone in flight Honey Bee pupae in cells Common Field Grasshopper nymph Tawny Mining Bee November Moth on birch bark Garden Spider web Seven-spot Ladybird Leaf-cutting ants Rose Aphid giving birth Ground-living spider Wasps on ivy Wasp on figwort Clownfish Freshwater worm Chaetogaster Speckled Bush-cricket nymph Wasp Beetle Wasp Beetle Wasp Beetle Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly Chrysomelid beetles on hawkweed Common White-tailed Bumblebee on hogweed Common White-tailed Bumblebee on hogweed Green Hairstreak Striped snail African Monarch Butterfly Digger wasp Namibian Katydid Hornet worker 'attack mode' Springtails on water Common Blue Butterflies mating European Hornet queen European Hornet queen Giant pill millipede Ant-lion pits Tanner Beetle Rove Beetle Carrion Beetle Great Green Grasshopper on Rosa rugosa Migratory locust hopper Peppered Moths Hairy-legged Mining Bees on flowers Featherduster worm Tsetse Fly female laying larva Sand Wasp excavating Winged aphid giving birth Heliconius butterfly in flight Japanese Mantis Monarch Butterfly hatching Large White eggs hatching American Avocet wading Honey bee waggle dance Group of freshwater Flatworms Honey Bee pupae Crane Fly or Daddy long legs fly Mating craneflies Marine Shrimp Green fruit beetle Emperor dragonfly Drinker moth Mason Bee carrying grass Cuckoo spit