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Citrus Swallowtail Free-swimming marine bristle worm Lesser Housefly Robber Fly Leaf-cutting bee cutting leaf Red Admiral pupa Water boatman in flight Mosquito female emerging Common Hydra capturing daphnia Orange jumping spider Honey Bee pupa Green Veined White Butterfly on thistle Large White Butterfly eggs Small Red-eyed Damselfly after rain Horse Chestnut leaf miner St Mark's Fly in flight Lesser Stag Beetle Harlequin Ladybirds Small copper feeding on yarrow Volucella Hoverfly on hogweed Volucella Hoverfly on hogweed Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly over pond Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly over pond Common White-tailed Bumblebee on hogweed Hoverfly Small heath Drone fly Alder Fly Centipede Red-veined Dropwing Dragonfly December Moth Common White Wave moth Brown Argus butterfly on hawkweed Large Ranunculus Moth camouflaged Hornets on red alert Snout Moth Snout Moth Silver Y moth Small Copper Butterfly Burnished Brass moth Golden-ringed Dragonfly Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly Orange tip caterpillar preparing to pupate European Hornet queen on cotoneaster European Hornet queen Bulb fly European Hornet queen Bird flea Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly female on comfrey Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Clouded Yellow pupa Plant Bug on grass flower Hibernating hoverflies Cave spider in sandstone cave Stripe-winged grasshopper stridulating Horned Tree-hopper Silver-studded Blues Garden Black Ant winged males and females Free living marine Nematode Marine Shrimp Fish louse Saxony Wasps' nest Common Wasp worker feeding on syrup Honey Bee pupae in cells Tumbu Fly warble Meadow Grasshopper Shore Crab Rose Aphid Topshells Pill Woodlouse Spotted Flycatcher Black aphids on a nasturtium leaf Silver-washed Fritillary mating pair + male Cockchafer taking off Wood Ants on sand Common Darter Dragonfly sunning Green Hydra budding Soft coral East African bush cricket Honey Bee queen egg-laying Honey Bee new worker emerging Stromatolites Pill Woodlouse Pill Woodlouse Bluebottle Fly Rhododendron hopper leaping series of 4 No 2 Sand Hopper Bee fly with honesty Lesser Housefly head Wood Wasp in flight Water fleas in a water drop Ringlet butterfly Darter dragonfly in flight Great Green Bush-cricket egg-laying Thick-headed Fly mating pair Red-back Spider Wood ants spraying formic acid Earwig female guarding eggs Flatworm with newly laid egg capsule Tsetse Fly feeding on human arm