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Hornet in flight Saxony Wasps' nest Red ants and black aphids Glasswing Butterfly Beetle Five Continent Butterfly Jumping Spider multiple exposure Desert Locust Earwig Common Darter Dragonfly Ichneumon wasp Rhyssa Common Darter on mullein Bluebottles on ivy Tokitok beetle Sundew with small fly Butterfly on Heliconia leaf Stromatolites Pale Oak Beauty Moth Pale Oak Beauty Moth Green Hairstreak Drone fly Drone fly Dingy skipper Bee Fly in flight Grizzled Skipper Bluebottle Fly on Primrose flower Bee Fly Bee Fly visiting Primrose flower Centipede Silver Y moth Pine Carpet Moth Orange tip pupa Soldier beetle on hawkweed Australian wolf spider Queen Scallop Hummingbird Hawkmoth Cardinal beetle Rhododendron hopper  leaping series of 4 No 3 Cockchafer taking off from flowers Mantis shedding skin Green locust eating grass Soldier Beetle Dewy orb web Sundew with lacewing Dragonflies on a stem Assassin bug Lantern Bug Horse Chestnut leaf miner Horse Chestnut leaf miner Hornet queen drinking St Mark's Fly in flight Negro Ant with non-parasitic mites Red Rump Tarantula Marine planktonic copepod Processionary caterpillars of Bag Shelter Moth Mullein Moth caterpillar Female aphid giving birth to young Ants collecting honeydew from aphids Wolf Spider Minotaur Beetle Prawn showing contracted chromatophores Brimstone Butterfly Mark watching snail Hornet with Honey Bee prey Silver-washed Fritillaries Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Brown House Moth Honey Bee comb Processionary caterpillars Cicada in flight Cattleheart Butterfly Minotaur Beetle Midge larvae Bluebottle Fly St Mark's Fly Cardinal beetle on alkanet Hibernating Garden Snails Cockchafer in flight Honey Bee wax glands Wood Ants packed on nest Bluebottle on pheasant head Tanner beetle in autumn Plant hopper nymph Sundew with captured mosquitoes Small Skipper Crab spider eating its mate Leaping House Cricket False Scorpion Pond skater nymph Common Prawn eyes glowing in dark Death's Head Hawkmoth camouflaged Horse-faced grasshopper Common Blues roosting Leaf-cutting ants New Zealand glow-worm Hornet worker 'attack mode' Nut weevil Cinnabar Moth caterpillars Katydid Comet Moth