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Ruby-tail Wasp feeding on hogweed Cabbage Root Fly larvae Large Red Damselfly feeding Plant bug Plant bug Common Field Grasshopper Exposed nest of Garden Black Ants Common Wasp workers flying in and out of nest Giant Wood-wasp taking off Solitary bee on bryony Marbled White Butterfly Large Skipper Butterfly White Plume Moth 16-spot Ladybirds hibernating Marine Springtails Bee Fly Lulworth Skipper Waterberg plant hopper Duke of Burgundy Thick-headed Fly Greenbottle Fly Silver Y Moth warming up Speckled Wood Butterfly Small heath on knapweed Meadow brown mating pair Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-spotted Skipper Army of Safari ants Marine diatom on Bryozoan Freshwater worm Leech showing internal structures Common Prawn developing eggs Cabbage root fly damage Volucella hoverfly on bramble Male December Moth Soldier fly on comfrey Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar Plant bug Orange-winged dung fly Hairy-legged Mining Bees Green spider Rose Chafer Painted Topshell Parasitic Fly Microscopic marine annelid worm Pill Millipede Hummingbird Hawkmoth Goat moth caterpillar Harlequin ladybird Small ground beetle Black beetle Stick insect Red Ants collecting honeydew from Aphids Red Ants collecting honeydew from Aphids Leaf beetle Lulworth skipper Small Red-eyed Damselfly after rain Common Blue Damselfly Red-eyed Damselfly Hedge Brown butterfly Common Blue Damselfly Rose Sawfly Horsefly Orange moth Day-flying moth Opossum Shrimp Leech showing internal structures Giant Lacewing taking off Common Prawn female with eggs Pair of Common Prawns Tsetse Fly with lava in its abdomen Lackey Moth caterpillars Saxony Wasps' nest Dor Beetle underside with mites Red Mason Bee Bluebottle eggs Honey Bee Common Darter Dragonfly Goat moth caterpillar Goat moth caterpillar Goat moth caterpillar Raft Spider Brown Hawker Dragonfly Small Skipper Butterfly taking off from birdsfoot trefoil Small copper butterfly on ragwort Painted Lady Butterfly Stick insect Peacock Comma Red Ants collecting honeydew from Aphids Sheep Tick Saturnid caterpillar Hornet in flight Freshwater worm and young worms Opossum Shrimp Tsetse Fly excreting fluid after sucking blood