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Common Newt taking a fly Meadow Bumblebee Green fruit beetle Longhorn beetle Ammonite Parent Bug guarding young against spider Mud Skippers & dragonfly Golden-ringed dragonfly Ammonite Common Blue Butterflies roosting Death's head hawkmoth Grey Cracker Butterfly Leafy Katydid Leafy moth on leaf litter Hermit Crab Wasp Beetle Orange-tip Butterfly in flight Mopane Moth Water beetles under ice Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Water boatman on rock Red Admiral in flight Wood Ant piggyback Cockchafer Beetle Wood Ant spraying Orange Tip Butterfly Weevil Great Diving Beetle underwater Silver-studded blue pair Painted Lady Butterfly on Spear Thistle Golden-ringed Dragonfly Queensland Katydid Cockchafer taking off multiple exposure Crane Fly Wood Ant defensive Bee Fly Brimstone head Rose Chafers in flight Tiger Butterfly Puss Moth caterpillar Honey Bee from above Baboon spider Tiger Longwing Butterfly Small tortoiseshell multiple Caddis fly Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-eating Spider Spider's Web in the wind Honey Bee comb Horse Fly Luminous click beetle take off Mosquito female close-up Heliconius butterfly Honey Bee queen surrounded by workers Backlit sand dollar Death's Head & Bees at hive entrance Leaf-cutting Bee Wood Ant defensive Katydid Forest Shieldbug Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Mosquito sucking blood Leaf-cutting Ants Diaptomus Mosquito larvae and pupae Brine Shrimp eggs dry White cat looking up at flying mantis Grasshopper stridulating Mantis Mexican Blond Tarantula Pattern of sectioned ammonite Plume moth Dingy skipper Millipede Large Ranunculus Moth Brindled Green Moth Pond Skater with fly prey Ruddy Daggerwing butterfly Nautilus shells Giant Pill Millipede on hand Brimstone alighting on Selfheal Lubber grasshopper Raft Spider male on water surface Common Blue Damselfly Dark Green Fritillary Whirligig Beetles Red Ant and Nettle Aphids Meadow Bumblebee Deer Fly Water skaters and shadows Assassin bug Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly silhouette Japanese mantis nymphs hatching Bee in flight Harlequin Butterfly Painted Lady Butterfly Four-banded Longhorn Beetle Bee Hawk Moth caterpillar Cockchafer Beetle taking off Large Red Damselfly nymph Mole cricket