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Trinidad scorpion African Monarch Butterfly Fox cubs and cowslips Mosquito male on water Oak Bush Cricket leaping Owl Butterfly Dark Green Fritillary Painted Lady Butterfly flying over bluebell flowers Red Admiral on rotten apple Sand crab Cardinal Beetle Oak Bush Cricket leaping Libellula Dragonfly landing Calcium carbonate covered plants and insects Common Tree Nymph Butterfly St Mark's Fly in flight Crane Fly Greater Bladderwort with trapped mosquito larva Silverfish Glasswing Butterfly Desert Locust Southern Aeshna Dragonfly Black Ichneumon Elephant Hawk Moth and Red Campion Hoverflies hovering Hornet worker feeding on hogweed Tiger-rump Doppelganger Spider Painted Lady hatch - wings dry Desert Scorpion Clouded Yellow on clover Honey bee visiting Houndstongue Ladybird taking off Crab coming out of a scallop shell Ant collecting honeydew from aphids Southern Hawker Dragonfly in flight Large Red Damselfly Fiddler crab displaying Bumblebee Mopane Moth caterpillar Fiddler Crabs fighting Stripe-winged grasshopper stridulating Honey Bee in flight Libellula Dragonfly after rain Bumblebee and spear thistle Green Jewel Beetle Spider on a thread Nasute termites Owl Butterfly on Heliconia flower Hornet workers feeding on sap Large white multiple Soldier beetle in flight Tsetse Fly excreting fluid after sucking blood Tawny Mining Bee Ground Beetle face and jaws Fish Louse Common Earwig with eggs and young Shore Crab eggs Sexton beetle with mites Crab spider with bumblebee Ladybird larva Honey bee on flower Earthworm tunnels Bluebottle Fly Atlas Moth Earwig guarding young and eggs Violet Ground Beetle Cricket at sunset Meadow Grasshopper Small toroiseshell on scabious Longhorn beetle Great Diving Beetle feeding on stickleback Toad defensive at Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar New Zealand glow-worm Meadow brown multiple Large Yellow Underwing Moth showing frenulum Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly nymph Crayfish Brine Shrimp Bee in flight Tree millipede King Baboon Spider Large Red Damselfly nymph Greater Bladderwort with trapped mosquito larva Seven-spot Ladybird Longhorn beetle Protozoan Stentor floating colony Yellow snail Hornets in flight Monarch Butterfly taking off Honey Bee waggle dance Hummingbird Hawkmoth Brimstone multiple Pattern of sectioned ammonite Hornets attacking camera Hermit crab Hermit crab Harlequin Ladybird Green Tree Ants on their nest Green Scarabs on dung ball Brine Shrimp eggs hatching