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Giraffe Weevil Yellow crab spider Great Diving Beetle Great Diving Beetle larva Great Green Bush Cricket Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Banded Demoiselle Damselflies Sundew with lacewing Dog snapping at flies Stag Beetles fighting Stromatolites Chalkhill blue butterflies on rabbit skeleton Chalkhill Blue Butterfly St Mark's Fly in flight Caddis fly in flight Hoverfly feeding on a flower Dingy Skipper Long-tailed Field Mouse with a tick Green Tiger Beetle Clouded Yellow Mosquito sucking blood Longhorn beetle Cat fleas Painted Lady hatch - wings expand Honey Bee mutual feeding Rainforest termites, Danum Valley Desert Locust Meadow Spider with babies on larch cone Great Diving Beetle underwater Seven-spot ladybirds hibernating Water spider Flea on the wing of a bat Millipede Light Emerald Moth Paper Wasps' nest Black fly larvae Green Tiger Beetle Harvester ants Eye-spots of Morpho Butterfly Brine Shrimp adult male Blue winged Damsel fly Fairy Shrimps Honey Bee mutual feeding Orb-web Spider showing stabilmentum Grasshopper camouflaged among dead leaves Giant Grey Sphinx moth (Pseudosphinx tetrio) caterpillar on Frangipani Giant Grey Sphinx moth (Pseudosphinx tetrio) caterpillar on Frangipani White Sailor butterfly earwig with eggs Stinging caterpillar Stinging caterpillar Spider with raindrop Leaf-cutting ants Earthworm by transmitted light Earthworm beneath plant pot Rove beetle Cattleheart butterfly Larva of Water Beetle Processionary caterpillars of Bag Shelter Moth Mosquito hibernating Horsefly hovering Hummingbird Hawkmoth egg Longhorn beetle Longhorn beetle Giant Green Mantis Pacific Lobster Sundew with lacewing Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Butterfly Red Green Moth Chalkhill Blue in flight (3 images) Filed Cricket Scarlet Darter dragonfly Spider Scarlet Darter dragonfly Scarlet Darter dragonfly Red-veined Darter dragonfly Red-veined Darter dragonfly Red Rock Crab Pyralid moth African Monarch butterfly Spider Robber fly Robber fly Geranium Bronze butterfly Filed Cricket Red Rock Crab Red Rock Crab Canary Island Large White butterfly on Lantana Canary Island Red Admiral Butterfly on Lantana Snail-killing fly mating pair Snail-killing fly mating pair Wasp nest in a bird box Honey bee on ragwort Ichneumon Orange tip egg Orange tip egg 4 exp Orange tip egg series Orange tip butterfly caterpillar 1 day old Leaf-cutting Bee sequence Green-veined White butterfly on cuckoo flower