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Orange tip egg series Orange tip butterfly caterpillar 1 day old Leaf-cutting Bee sequence Green-veined White butterfly on cuckoo flower Ascalaphid or Owlfly at rest on a grass stem Water Boatman Large White Butterfly eggs Sooty Copper Leaf cutter Wood White butterfly Sooty Satyr butterfly Olive Bee Hawkmoth Laticed Heath moth Large Copper butterfly male Idas Blue butterfly Hummingbird Hawkmoth Heath Fritillary European Swallowtail at rest Clouded Yellow butterfly on thistle Clouded Yellow butterfly mating pair Chequered Blue butterfly Chafer beetles attacking a knapweed flower Burnet Companion Buprestid beetle Bright-eyed Ringlet butterfly Ascalaphid or owlfly Ascalaphid or owlfly Amanda's Blue butterfly drinking sweat Amanda's Blue butterfly drinking sweat Hornet queen Culex mosquito Culex mosquito Swarm of Alkali Flies Garden Snails hibernating Common Hydra budding Predatory Katydid Wood Boring Beetle in flight Hermit crab Springtails on a floating dead leaf Honey Bee wax glands Dark Green Fritillary Tropical harvestman Long-horn Beetle Cicada Dewy cob-web on a tree Painted Lady Butterfly on thistle flower Bumblebee on clover East African Cardinal Beetle taking off Wood Ants spraying formic acid Brine shrimps Large White caterpillars hatching Yellow-and-black cranefly eyes and antennae River Skater Fish Louse Common Darter Dragonfly Katydid Katydid in flight Seven-spot Ladybird larva Soldier beetle taking off Lacewing eggs Honey bee mutual feeding within hive Centipede Marbled White Butterfly on scabious Bloody Henry Starfish Tropical rainforest centipede Rock crab in a tide pool Garden spider Orb-web Spider Squash Bug Squash Bug Damselflies egg-laying Spider's webs in sunbeams Honey Bee pupae in cells Dark bush cricket portrait Black skipper Ruddy Daggerwing on dead leaves Leaf Mantis Bee box Adonis Blue Butterfly Chalkhill Blue butterfly Jumping spider Morpho Butterfly wing scales Fly killed by insect pathogenic fungus Peppered moths Sloe Shield Bug Yellow-and-black cranefly Rove Beetle Juniper Shieldbug Great Green Bush Cricket Sunlight refracted by dew drops held in a spider's web Tropical cicada in flight Rhinoceros beetle female Desert Locust Meadow Spider Blue damselfly in flight Common Hawker Dragonfly Peppered Moths on birch trunk Marine planktonic copepod Red Admiral hatch - emerging Eyes of a fly