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Moss-covered temperate rainforest Duckling swimming on the surface Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies in flight Water flea in a water drop Iceberg Archer Fish jetting water Drops falling into still water Waterfall with icicles Octopus Water drip-rings Wood Duck taking off from water Archer Fish jetting water Sunrise over lake in Finland Elvers migrating up a stream Raindrops on a pigeon wing feather on agate pebbles Orange dropped into water Frogs with spawn Archer Fish squirting at spider Icebergs Mandarin duck at Friday Street pond Garden Spider in dewy web Fox on log bridge Natterer's Bats drinking Frog spawn Frog diving Froghopper nymph Icebergs Ginger cat drinking Cyclops Alsatian running through puddle Pines reflected in a lake Common Frogs croaking in a pond Waterfall at Gidgegannup Flooding in Guildford at night Sulphuric acid lake at Kawah Ijen Sulphuric acid lake at Kawah Ijen Bubble raft Sunset over lake in Scotland Terrier-cross leaping for seaweed Trillium flower Atlantic Salmon leaping Glen Orchy jigsaw Goldcrest bathing Blue tit bathing Ginger cat drinking from pond Emperor Angelfish Deep-water Cichlid Border Collie play barking Woodland waterfall Border Collie dog walking to heel Whippet on beach Mudskipper Fresh snow in Manning Park Lake District panoramic view Reflected conifers at sunrise Water going down a sluice-gate Durdle Door view Blue tit bathing strobe Blue tit bathing Marble monolith rock Common Prawn with eggs Lake at Friday Street with ice Border Collie puppy climbing out of pond Crested Newt Frogs with spawn Tortoiseshell cat drinking from goldfish pond Aurora Borealis Pink flower with dew Shore Crab larva Flooding in Guildford Mudskipper Water drop forming a bubble Atlantic Salmon leaping Dew on Grass Tree Guildford flood Colourful marble rocks Mallard upending Royal Terns in flight Bison and Geyser Shell Beach Common Frog croaking Splashing wave Nuthatch bathing Glen Coe panoramic view Silica sand bay Salmon Leaping Australian Pelican Aurora Borealis Duckling shaking itself Newly-hatched Brown Trout Naked Catfish Forest fire at night with silhouette trees Chalk boulders and cliffs Fresh snow in Manning Park Border Collie puppy in pond Goldcrest bathing strobe Balloon burst Snow on river boulders Hermit Crab Strokkur Geyser