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New Zealand river scene 3D R Gypsy women and children washing Strokkur geyser Wraysbury flooding, February 2014 Flooded street in Weybridge 2014 Flooded street in Weybridge 2014 Siamese Fighting Fish making a bubble nest Siamese Fighting Fish male displaying to female Datchet flooding 2014 Datchet flooding 2014 Wraysbury flooding, February 2014 Colourful marble rocks An acorn splashes into a woodland pool Duckling swimming on the surface Long exposure waves Conebush Protea Black sand beach Mineral deposits at the edge of hot spring Rocky stream at sunrise Flooding in Queenstown Walking Catfish Beach tree and Scottish loch Falls of Dochart scene Granite cliffs on Lundy Factory in Finland Mother-of-Pearl Plant with captured drop of water Dark cliffs at Nordcapp Water drop forming spike Aeshna Dragonfly Vernal Falls Driftwood stump Finland river panorama Canal and barge boats at sunset Whirligig Starfish regenerating limb Siamese fighting fish Loch with reflections Lake with reflected trees Granite cliffs on Lundy Aurora Borealis Finland river panorama Cricket in a drop of water Raft Spider female on water surface Asian Elephant taking a bath and playing Asian Elephant taking a bath River Skater Factory in Finland Waterfall in Italy Long exposure of sea and cliffs on Lundy Church of the good shepherd Dettifoss river Yellow-finned Barb Siamese fighting fish Gypsy women and children washing Gypsy children playing in water Aurora Borealis Leaf with dew Bats Head view Toad with reflection at the surface of a pond Dytiscus water beetles under ice Great Diving Beetle Glycerin drop Pond skater Shore Crab male and female Rocky Mountains scene Golden froglet Lionhead Veiltail Goldfish Water mite New Zealand coast New Zealand coast River-worn rocks Australian Pelican Mt Fitz Roy and Laguna Los Tres River in tropical forest River in tropical forest Goldcrest bathing Mistle Thrush bathing Wren bathing in a birdbath View over lake Water dripping from a rose leaf Water dripping from a rose leaf Rain on moss closeup East African Lake Cichlids Grand Tetons Lake scene in Italy Dettifoss Zebras drinking Thrift and lichen covered rocks on Lundy Black sand beach Royal Terns Old Faithful geyser at sunset Lake and reflected mountains panorama Rinjani panorama Rinjani panorama Mortar Geyser erupting and making a rainbow Mortar Geyser erupting and making a rainbow Castle Geyser erupting Castle Geyser erupting Old Faithful geyser at night Subalpine scene with Mountain Hemlocks