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Aurora Borealis Palewing Starling bathing Snowdonia scenery Lake District scene Water drop on an oak twig Lake and houses in Italy Blue tit bathing strobe Long-tailed tits bathing Gentoo Penguin Bubbles made by Humpback Whale Erriff River Otter Autumnal trees and lake Lake and snow in Italy Mangrove standing in water Iceberg Water beads Water stream Swordtail Painted Prawn Mt. Baker and pond Scottish highlands Rocky Mountains scene The road to Sptizkoppe Iguana eating water lily An apple makes a splash Geyser scenery in New Zealand Kalbarri Beach Ashness Bridge Snow in Manning Park Finland river scene Grand Teton Yellow duckling swimming Honey bees in rain Datchet flooding 2014 Datchet flooding 2014 Waves breaking against wall, Seaford, 2014 River Wey flooding Guildford River Wey flooding Guildford Grass Snake in water Chesapeake Bay Retriever leaping into water Koprulu Canyon Mandarin Duck Siena and Jane by a lake Cloud reflections on a still sea inlet Nasturtium leaves showing guttation Blue tit bathing strobe Blue tit bathing Water drop forming a spike Wave splashing on a rock Llanberis view Tadpoles in rainwater pool Grass Snake swimming Early morning dew on grass Canal du Midi, France Pere David's Deer drinking Water stream Water drop forming a spike Raindrops on a fallen oak leaf in November Red water lily flower Water Boatmen at the water surface Raindrop collected in Mahonia Natterer's Bat drinking Natterer's Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Raindops on a Nasturtium leaf Lake shore Zebras drinking Border collie and deerhound lurcher at the seaside Blue tit bathing Blue tit bathing Blue tit bathing Blue tit bathing Iceberg Iceberg Iceberg Iceberg Gentoo Penguin View over a lake Water drop forming a spike Buckland Pond Water drops Mantis Shrimp Iceberg Icebergs Icebergs Iceberg Icebergs Iceberg Tourists in zodiac boat Chalk boulder beach at Whitenothe Viper's Bugloss Water stream Beach at night and day River Orchy Mousehole Harbour at dusk Mousehole Harbour at dusk Shoveler drake