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The Pyramids at Giza Lundy landing bay high and low tide Balanced sandstone monolith Waitomo cave 2 3D R Granite monolith at Mt. Kinabalu Lava-flow around tree Limestone cliffs and pinnacle islands Limestone cliffs and pinnacle islands Limestone cliffs and pinnacle islands Long-tail boat and Koh Phi Phi Leh island River in tropical forest River in tropical forest Bamboo scaffolding used to collect birds' nests Bamboo scaffolding used to collect birds' nests Limestone cliffs and tropical beach Volcanic landscape Rough sea at sunset Rough sea at sunset Juniper wood Sandstone monolith Colourful plants and layered rocks Uncle Robert and stuck Landrover Stalactites and Stalagmites Mt. Kinabalu panorama Pika Desert flowers at Nababeep Lundy west side panoramic Adelie Penguins Blossom and fairy chimneys Pink salt crystals Dead desert plant in sand African Wildcat footprints Bristlecone Pine Sossusvlei Layered rocks and autumnal plants Waitomo cave 4 3D R Rocky cliff in Iceland Lake Padarn Mt. Shuksan Mt. Shuksan Quiver trees Highland stream Eroded clay Eroded mud Lava boulders Whitenothe view Waitomo cave 1 3D R Columnar basalt Limestone cliffs Rugged rocky landscape Troglodyte dwellings Fairy chimneys Inside of troglodyte dwelling Fairy chimneys Fairy chimneys Autumnal highland scenery Eroded mud Eroded mud Solidified lava Inside wall of lava tube Solidified lava Sand and dry mud River in rocky gorge Elephant's Trunk or Halfmens desert plant Jane on a white sand beach Cockroaches on the floor of a bat roosting cave Rugged alpine scenery with limestone boulders Penmon lighthouse Penmon beach Dog scratching Snowdonia scenery Cave whip scorpion Dinosaur egg like rock Stalactites and Stalagmites Eroded volcanic tuff Sand dune at sunset Harrison Hot Springs sand sculpture Cheops Pyramid at Giza Rock crevasse Colourful lava on Hawaii Men studying a lava flow Molten Lava on Hawaii Leatherback Turtle tracks Eroded volcanic tuff Sweet Almond blossom and fairy chimneys Rock painting - Masha' Allah Hidden Vlei panorama Mt. Baker and pond Sand and dry mud Sand dune Desert flowers at Nababeep Desert flowers at Nababeep Oystercatcher pair Kalbarri Beach Insectivorous bats in flight Insectivorous bats in flight Sculpted limestone rocks Gnomon Rock Tuff - layers of volcanic ash Desert tree