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Maine Coon cat sitting Tabby cat Maine Coon cat Chinchilla Persian cat wearing a Santa hat Egyptian Mau cats sniffing noses Ginger cat dancing Black-and-white cat Rex cat looking over its shoulder Silver tabby cat Bengal mother cat and kitten Bicolour cat Silver tabby cat Silver tortoiseshell cat Tabby cat Tabby cat Young Burmese cat and Guinea pig Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Young Burmese cats Bichon Frise dog and Birman cat Fat black-and-white eating Maine Coon mother cat and kitten Ginger-and-white cat with raised paw Black-and-white cat British Shorthair Brown tabby cat with agouti Lop rabbit Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Silver tabby cat biting a person's hand Blue Siamese-cross cat Blue Siamese-cross cat Black cat and black rabbit Police cat Pregnant cat Blue-point Birman cat playing with toy mouse Cat sniffing chair seat where another has been Calico cat Ginger cat Bengal x Birman cat Ginger cat eating Exotic cat sniffing tabby cat's bottom Cat being given food in a plastic bowl Tabby cat stretching Young Burmese cat and agouti rabbit Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Ginger cat at a scratch-post Young Burmese cat Mother cat and kitten, 7 weeks old Birman cat, reaching up Fluffy ginger-and-white cat Birman cat looking up Chinchilla Persian male cat Cat and kitten vase and autumnal leaves Ginger cat drinking water from a bowl Silver tabby male cat Chocolate Persian-cross female cat on chair Cream cat with a honey bee on its face Chinchilla Persian male cat Birman cat Elderly Tabby Manx-cross cat British Shorthair Brown Spotted cat Furtive Bengal cat Black-and-white cat Chocolate cat on pink chair Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup with ginger cat Cavalier puppy and cat Black Smoke cat looking up Blue-tortoiseshell Cornish Rex cat White Maine Coon-cross cat Odd-eyed white cat looking up Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Female ginger cat flehmen Training Bengal cat to come through the cat flap Bengal and azalea Calico cat licking her newborn kittens Blue Tonkinese male cat Ginger cat sitting looking round over shoulder Golden Retriever friendly with Birman cat Golden Retriever friendly with Birman cat Silver tabby rubbing against stool Blue tabby-point Siamese male cat Calico female cat Mother cat and two kittens Red silver Turkish Angora cat Lilac bicolour Ragdoll cat Fluffy Birman cat Cats on holiday Tabby cat in pink ribbon Golden Chinchilla Persian cat in a cat carrying bag Moon-eyed cat Dark chocolate cat on bathroom scales Man with poorly white cat Westie pup sniffing Ragdoll cat's ear Lilac longhair cat with Lionhead Lop rabbit Lilac longhair cat with Lionhead Lop rabbit Brindle English Mastiff pup with tabby cat Girl with Bengal x Birman cat Fluffy dark chocolate Birman-cross cat sitting Blue-point Siamese cat Lilac bicolour Ragdoll cat lying with head up Black Shorthair male cat Rex cat scratching the carpet Tabby cat turning