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Applying flea treatment to a cat Beagle and cat Silver tabby cat Brown Spotted Bengal female cat Tabby cat looking round at toy snail Chinchilla Persian male cat Birman cat Tortoiseshell cat eating wet food from plastic bowl Mother cat playing with a mouse Maine Coon cat in an igloo cat bed Maine Coon cat and kitten with tinsel and holly berries Persian-cross female cat Tabby-and-white cat rubbing against black-and-white cat Bengal mother cat and kitten Tabby cat leaping Scottish Wild Cat Portrait of Silver longhair cat Tortoiseshell Cat jumping down (4 images) Ginger tom cat Girl with grasping silver tabby cat Ginger British shorthair cat walking Chinchilla Persian cat with food White mother cat suckling kittens Black-and-white cat walking, viewed from above Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Young ginger cat stretching in armchair Red Burmese male cat rolling with woollen jumper Chinchilla Persian male cat Cats mating White cat watching Goldfish in garden pond Ginger British shorthair male cat Brown spotted Bengal female cat Persian cat licking his leg Lilac Tabby-point Siamese male cat Cat head-rubbing Golden Retriever Teeth of Blue Birman cat showing tartar Cream spotted British shorthair cat Cat watching an approaching mosquito Nancy meowing Ginger cat with two kittens Tabby Cat leaping (series No 3) Golden Chinchilla Persian cat in a cat carrying bag Moon-eyed cat Ginger cat washing her nose Tabby cat walking British Shorthair Brown Spotted cat Ginger female cat rolling around seductively Ginger cat grooming herself Blue Birman cat with runny eye and chronic rhinitis Ginger cat not eating from a bowl One-eyed tabby cat Cats on holiday, with beach bucket and spade Black-and-white cat Tabby tom cat in profile Showing cat's teeth Wiping the eye of a Maine Coon cat White cat using a scratch post Bengal cat sitting looking up Mother white cat and kitten on blue background Black cat and black rabbits Ginger female cat in oestrus Tabby cat chasing a piece of string White cat and icicles Silver Exotic cat under a stool Oriental Tabby female cat standing Birman-cross mother cat and kitten Black-and-white cat stalking Bengal cat walking along with a straw hat on Black-and-white cat Mother cat bringing in mouse for her young kittens Tabby cat Jane Burton with cat and dog Silver spotted cat in a cat-carrier Black cat with pupils closed in bright light Silver tabby cat 'funnel-grooming' Poor condition cat showing muscle wastage Blue-point Birman cat sitting Siamese-cross cat Fluffy cat Silver tabby cat sitting Bengal cat Female cat rolling Ginger cat reaching up Persian x Birman cat Mother white cat and kitten on pink background Fawn Pug, Burmese-cross cat and shaggy Guinea pig Dark chocolate cat Black-and-white cat and kitten Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Encounter between two yowling male cats Birman cat stretching out Sleepy elderly Blue Birman female cat Maine Coon mother cat and kitten Black-and-white cat Mother cat and kittens Calico female cat Tabby cat lying Persian cat with kitten Black-and-white cat Ginger cat rolling on her back