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Grey mother cat and kittens Silver tabby Exotic cat and Lionhead-cross rabbit Persian x Birman cat and black rabbit Birman cat and Jack Russell Golden Chinchilla Persian cat and Guinea pig Black-and-white cat and kitten Bicolour colourpoint cat with red merle Border Collie Calico mother cat and kitten Defensive ginger male cat Scottish Wild Cat leaping Cat among autumn berries Dancing silver tabby cat Calico mother cat and kittens Ginger cat sitting Begging cat Bengal cat snarling Ginger cat Ginger Cat leaping forward Turkish Van Cat, swimming Aggressive silver tabby cat Tabby cat asleep under Santa hat Wildcat yawning Cats eating from a bowl Cats mating Two cats with catmint Silver kitten reacting to adult cat Pregnant cat Grey-and-white cat Cat and smiley Golden Retriever Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Elderly Tabby Manx-cross cat Tabby male cat portrait Tabby cat sitting White Alsatian and Siamese cat Russian Blue female cat with green eyes Korat cat portrait Persian x Birman cat and Guinea pig Chinchilla Persian cat Persian x Birman cat Mother white cat and kitten on blue background Vaccinating a cat Silver tabby cat standing Cat about to use her litter tray Silver mother cat with kitten Birman-cross cat playfully rolling British Shorthair Brown tabby cat with agouti Lop rabbit Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Burmese male cat Maine Coon cat Silver tabby cat looking over his shoulder Standing cat Robin, Duck and Cat Cat with bandaged leg Ginger Cat jumping multiple exposure Kitten and tom-cat meeting Dribbling cat and Toad Bengal male cat sitting Ragdoll cat grooming Ragdoll cat Cute cat and kitten Siamese-cross cat Cat on a cushion Mother cat & kitten Sepia Snow Bengal-cross female cat Chinchilla Persian male cat Seal point Siamese-cross cat Ginger cat asleep Ginger cat sitting looking round over shoulder Boy playing with cat and toy Bengal cat Blue bicolour male Persian cat Chocolate Standard Poodle pup with Birman cat Mother cat with her five kittens behind her Russian Blue Cat bounding multiple exposure Rex cat with arched back Quokka & cat with blackboys Birman-cross cat and kitten Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Birman-cross cat and kitten Two cat facing each other Slightly predatory looking silver tabby Birman-cross mother cat licking her kitten Burmese male cat Silver tortoiseshell mother cat licking a ginger kitten Brown spotted Bengal cat Leaping ginger cat Black cat on sweet chestnut branch in bright sunlight Aggressive silver tabby cats Russian Blue cat leaping forward multiple exposure Cats inside and outside a cage Birman cat and Dapple Dachshund pup White Alsatian and Siamese cat Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Ragdoll cat and kitten Chocolate cat and Guinea pigs Black-and-white cat stalking Pregnant tabby cat Showing teeth and gums of tortoiseshell cat with gingivitis Cat's eyes