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Adult cats

Tabby-point Birman cat and black rabbit Calico cat being fussy about her food Sepia Snow Bengal-cross female cat Man with poorly white cat Chocolate-tortoiseshell-and-white cat Chocolate-tortoiseshell-and-white cat One-eyed tabby cat Cat with bandaged leg Ginger Cat jumping multiple exposure Kitten and tom-cat meeting Dribbling cat and Toad Two cats looking down from a high narrow shelf Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Elderly Tabby Manx-cross cat Tabby male cat portrait Tabby cat sitting Tabby cat lying with head up Tabby cat lying with head up White Alsatian and Siamese cat Chocolate cat and chicken Russian Blue female cat with green eyes Siamese-cross cat Cat on a cushion Mother cat & kitten Maine Coon-cross mother cat and kitten Birman-cross cat with one paw raised Birman-cross cat Calico female cat Ginger cat running Silver Exotic cat under a stool Boy playing with cat and toy Bengal cat Blue bicolour male Persian cat Birman cat and blue-and-tan Dachshund pup Birman cat and Guinea pig Siamese kitten trying to leap over his mum's head Moon-eyed cat Dark chocolate cat Chocolate-tortoiseshell-and-white cat Blue-point Birman cat sitting Siamese-cross cat Russian Blue Cat bounding multiple exposure Rex cat with arched back Standing cat Quokka & cat with blackboys Tabby cat looking over her shoulder Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat snarling Burmese male cat lying with head up Vet administering a vaccination to a Maine Coon cat Black-and-white cat lying with head up Maine Coon cat and kitten Ginger cat rolling Two cat facing each other Slightly predatory looking silver tabby Silver tabby Chinchilla male cat Bengal x Birman cat rolling playfully Ginger British shorthair male cat Brown spotted Bengal cat Ginger cat sitting looking round over shoulder Aggressive silver tabby cats Cats inside and outside a cage Cavapoo pup and Birman cat Tabby-point Birman cat and rabbits Goldendoodle and chocolate cat Grey-and-white mother cat and kitten Calico female cat and kitten Calico female cat and bicolour kitten Chinchilla Persian and Persian x Birman cats Golden Retriever and tabby cat Ragdoll cat and kitten Black-and-white cat Black-and-white cat Siamese-cross cat drinking water from a bowl Nancy meowing Fluffy dark chocolate Birman-cross cat Blue-and-white Burmese-cross cat Cat's eyes Si-Rex cat doing the twist Cat rolling in a garden Chinchilla Persian cat Whippet-Lurcher pup investigating a cat Dribbling cat Burmese-cross cat and Dutch rabbit Black Oriental cat sitting Maine Coon mother cat and kitten Chocolate Somali cat Ginger female cat crouching Cat being given food in a plastic bowl Cats meeting Black-and-tan Cavapoo pup and Birman cat Tabby-point Birman cat and merle Border Collie pup Sepia Snow Bengal-cross female cat Chocolate cat and Guinea pigs Ginger tabby female cat licking a paw White cat and icicles Cream cat among dead grass and berries Blue colour-point Birman-cross cat Yellow Labrador Retriever pup and young Burmese cat Black Smoke cat looking up Chinchilla Persian cat wearing a Santa hat