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Other breeds

Maine Coon kitten with china gravy boat Silver Exotic cat and two silver baby rabbits Red silver Turkish Angora cat Blue-silver Exotic Shorthair kittens Oriental Lilac cat and chair Lilac kitten in heap of sleeping Golden Retriever pups Rabbits and Maine Coon kitten Silver Exotic cats play-fighting Mitted seal-point Ragdoll male cat King Charles pup with Ragdoll kitten Blue-silver Exotic Shorthair kittens Ginger cat Elderly Tabby Manx-cross cat Mother Turkish Van cat and kitten with beads Playful Bengal kittens Wiping the ear of a Maine Coon cat Ragdoll cat standing and reaching up Young bicolour Ragdoll male cat, 18 weeks old Teaching a young cat to jump across on command Ginger rabbit and cat Bengal cat walking Girl with Brown Bengal kitten Lilac bicolour Ragdoll cat looking up Ginger Maine Coon kitten meeting a ginger Guinea pig Devon Si-Rex kitten reaching for a toy Black-and-white 'club-tailed' stray cat Exotic kittens in a festive sledge Exotic kitten with Lionhead rabbit Manx cat washing a paw Exotic kittens in a festive sledge Exotic kittens in a festive sledge Devon Si-Rex female cat Exotic kitten with Lionhead rabbit Brown marble Bengal cat licking its hind foot Exotic kitten with Lionhead rabbit Veterinary nurse feeling tortoiseshell cat for injury Devon Si-Rex female cat Baby silver Lop rabbit with silver tabby Exotic cat Ginger rabbit and cat Ginger Maine Coon kitten licking a ginger Guinea pig Woodle pup and ginger Maine Coon kitten Maine Coon kittens playing with a camera Bengal cat among Daffodils Korat cat Russian Blue female cat on black background Bicolour Ragdoll kitten