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Fledgling Tawny Owls Grey Squirrels on an apple branch Spotted ocher fungus Fallen beech and oak leaves NSW scenery Autumnal plants Arrow Poison Frogs Oak flowers Lupine leaves Layered rocks and autumnal plants Stinking Iris seeds Stinking Iris seeds Dorset view Chinese lantern plant Oak twig growth series Nasturtium leaves showing guttation Water fern Fly Agaric fungus Fern sporangia Mayfly adult male hatching Welwitschia Hoodia plant Fallen beech and oak leaves Fern prothallus Welwitschia Acorn Woodpecker tree Dandelion clocks Frost crystals on delicate grass stem Raindrops on a fallen oak leaf in November Persian kittens among daisies and rose hips Kitten among autumn bracken and berries Two kittens in a garden trug Kittens among autumn bracken and berries Madagascan Dwarf rabbit among autumn Bracken Raindrop collected in Mahonia Goatsbeard seedhead pattern Rabbits and full moon Madagascan Dwarf rabbit among autumn Bracken Portrait of tabby cat among rosehips Spores of horsetail open Spores of horsetail closed Horsetail cone with expanded spores Horsetail cone after spores shed Euphorbia Arrow Poison Frog Cotoneaster berries Two ginger kittens among fallen Oak leaves Sprig of Holly with berries Autumnal Boston Ivy on a wall Acorns Dandelion clocks Moss spore capsules White Bryony tendrils Rust fungus on groundsel The Quiet People Dandelion clocks Frost crystals on a dead leaf Thistledown Anole Lizard on pawpaw Marchantia Golden froglet Welwitschia bugs Nasturtium leaves showing guttation Mother cat in hollow log with playful kitten Mother cat in hollow log with playful kitten Cat with ginger kitten among autumn leaves Pokeweed Mouldy House Fly Common Wasp workers feeding on plum Grey Squirrel has upset basket of nuts Leaves on Hawaii Ink cap fungus Ink cap fungus Wild melons in the Namib desert Hinged Tortoise Orange jelly fungus Dead-head with frost Cotoneaster berries Cotoneaster berries Woody Nightshade berries Spindle berries Spiny forest Spiny forest Stinkhorn in mountain forest Elephant foot plant Elephant foot plant Dryad's Saddle fungi Dryad's Saddle fungi Coot swimming in green algae covered water Blue green algae floating in a lake Rain on moss closeup Boletus fungus Street and wall covered in Boston Ivy Yellow and Chocolate Retriever pups at Halloween Hoodia and desert scene at sunset Welwitschia Cotoneaster berries Spindle berries Black Bryony berries Black Bryony berries