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Lakes, Ponds

Lakes, Ponds

European Kingfishers Brown Long-eared Bat taking a drink Whirligig Beetles Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Hedgehog swimming Hedgehog swimming Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Natterer's Bat Daubenton's Bat Koi carp Long-eared bat Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Natterer's Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Natterer's Bat drinking Frost crystals on a grass blade Horsefly eggs Stentor two species Desmids Springtails on a floating dead leaf Kim Taylor with camera and automated setup House Martins collecting mud Female horsefly laying eggs Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Water drop forming spike Rotifer Dytiscus water beetles under ice Tubifex worms Springtails on water Bat photography setup Natterer's Bat drinking Natterer's Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Lake midges emerging Brown Long-eared Bat drinking in flight Tubifex worms Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly egg laying Large Red Damselfly egg-laying Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies in flight Common Frog croaking European Swallows drinking Natterer's bat Long-eared Bat Frog in a swimming pool Natterer's Bats drinking Natterer's bat Wooden house with waterwheel Natterer's bat Anhinga drying its wings Long-eared bat Long-eared bat Water Boatman Otter Natterer's bat Natterer's bat Otter Common Darter on mullein Bacterial scum on slow flowing peaty water Stalactites and blue water in Gruta do Lago Azul Whirligig Beetles European Kingfisher Common Frogs croaking Natterer's bat Natterer's bat Long-eared bat Common Frog Honey Bee drinking

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