Warren Photographic Image Library of Animals in Action
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Lightboxes can be used to gather selections of images, keeping the ones you are interested in using, together. 8 lightboxes can be used at any one time. To begin a new lightbox, simply click on one of the numbered lightboxes down the left hand side of the page, then add images to it as you find them in the categories, galleries or word search. Images that are on the current lightbox are indicated with a red border.

The individual lightboxes can be emailed to us, along with a description of your needs and how you want to use the images.

On some browsers certain lightbox actions may not appear to have been completed, if you arrive at a page using the browser's back 1 page button. In this instance, use the browser's refresh action to update the page.

Your lightbox has no images. Add the images you are interested in as you find them, by clicking the plus sign that appears beside the preview image.

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