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Dogs & Puppies - Action shots, running, jumping 1

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Collie x Papillon puppy, 12 weeks old, standing up on hind legs Dog jumping multiple image Yellow Labrador puppies running Border Collie leaping triple image Lurchers at sunset Saluki Lurcher pup chasing a rabbit Dog running in buttercup meadow Border Collie jumping fence Dogs chasing through the New Forest Black-and-white Mutt leaping up Border Collie jumping multiple exposure Boy greeting little brown puppy Black Cocker Spaniel, running Border Collie bitch chasing a Frisbee Dog going for a ball multiple image Greyhound running Puppies scrapping Dogs running on a shingle beach Border Collie running in snow Puppy running in beech woodland Border Collies running Lurchers at sunset Girl with dog leaping for a chew Ghost dog racing across the moon Pair of Greyhounds running Terrier race Dog leaping triple image Border Collie bitch catching a Frisbee Puppies playing with a fluffy ball Terrier-cross chasing collie on beach Westie x Jack Russell pup dancing Border Collie leaping triple image Border Collie running Lurchers at sunset Dog chasing and being chased Alsatian running through puddle Flying dog over the moon Playful Red Cavapoo puppy Terrier cross bitch carrying a stick Border Collie leaping triple image Dog agility Jack Russell Terrier Boy on a tractor with dog and pups running Red Toy labradoodle puppy jumping up Chesapeake Bay Retriever pup chasing a rabbit Saluki pups poster Dog jumping a hurdle Saluki Lurcher running Alsatian running through puddle Working Cocker Spaniel puppy running Black Cocker Spaniel puppy, running Beagle pup running Terrier-cross leaping for seaweed Border Collie bitch chasing a Frisbee Dog agility Yorkshire Terrier French Bulldog puppy pointing with a paw Westie x Jack Russell pup dancing Red Cavapoo puppy, running Border Collie bitch with quoit Border Collie bitch running Border Collie running after ducks Dog leaping Little brown puppy running Brown puppy running Puppies and maple leaves blurred Orange Cockapoo pup, 4 months old, running Orange Cockapoo pup, 18 weeks old, running Pale Yellow Labrador, 3 years old, jumping up Dog landing from a jump Puppies running through maple leaves Dalmatian running with jogger Chocolate working Cocker Spaniel puppy, jumping up Labradoodle running Yorkipoo dog running French Bulldog puppy jumping up Yellow Labrador Retriever pup, 8 weeks old, running Border Collie leaping triple image Bulldog pup, 11 weeks old, trotting forward Blue Belton English Setter pup leaping Dog agility Golden Retriever Border Collie bitch running through water Dogs chasing in snow Yellow Labrador Yorkipoo dog running ChiPoo puppy, 12 weeks old ChiPoo puppy, 12 weeks old Dog running Border Collie leaping Yellow Labrador pups, 5 months old, leaping and playing Border Collie chasing a frisbee Miniature Dachshunds running Girl with dancing dog Puppy running on Maple leaves Brown-and-sable Australian Kelpie pup, 4 months old, running Dog jumping Border Collie bitch chasing a Frisbee Terrier-cross leaping for seaweed Saluki Lurcher dreaming of running Orange Cockapoo pup, 4 months old, running Norfolk terrier, 6 months old, running Liver-and-white Pointer puppy, running
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