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Longhorn beetle Longhorn beetle Tiger Beetle Cardinal Beetle Sexton beetle with mites Jewel Beetle Stag Beetle male Long-horn Beetle Mint Beetle Tokitok beetle Devil's Coach-horse Green dung beetle Dune Beetle Violet Ground Beetle Stag Beetle Green Jewel Beetle Longhorn beetle Stag Beetle in flight Cockchafer taking off multiple exposure Shieldbug nymph Plant Bug on grass flower Trinidad cicada Cicada Cicada Cicada Trinidad cicada Rainbow Shieldbug Green Shieldbug Driver ant male Wood Ant defensive Leaf-cutter ants Bull Ant Hornet worker 'attack mode' Hornet worker in flight Alder Wood-wasp Solitary bee Median Wasp queen Solitary Wasp Hornet Digger wasp with a fly Black Ichneumon Sawfly Ichneumon Bee-killer Wasp Horse fly Drone fly Alder Fly Caddis fly Mosquito Tsetse Fly with lava in its abdomen Tsetse Fly excreting fluid after sucking blood Tsetse Fly excreting fluid after sucking blood Comb-horn cranefly Lacewing taking off multiple exposure Mosquito engorged with blood Mosquito engorged with blood Parasitic Fly Crane Fly Bluebottle Fly Giant Greenbottle Fly Stable Fly Chaser dragonfly in flight Dragonfly nymph Dragonfly Southern Hawker Dragonfly Darter Dragonfly Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Libellula Dragonfly in flight Common Darter Dragonfly Libellula Dragonfly Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Predatory Katydid Acacia Katydid Mole cricket Meadow Grasshopper Mole cricket Mole cricket Katydid Desert Locust Desert Locust Desert Locust Green locust Cricket Great Green Bush Cricket Grasshopper Speckled Bush Cricket Leafy Katydid Green mantis Stick insect Japanese green Praying Mantis Giant cockroach Earwig male Japanese mantis flying Silverfish Kitten startled by large stag beetle