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Macaques at Shimla, India Orang utan face Arctic Fox Black Bear in forest Meerkats and desert flowers Wolf howling at the moon Grey Squirrels chasing Southern Flying Squirrel multiple exposure Colorado Chipmunk Pika with winter fodder Red Squirrel Hedgehogs Hedgehog mother and baby Roe Deer in autumnal woodland Red Deer at sunset Giraffes at sunset Roe Deer in misty pine forest Weddell Seal Natterer's Bats drinking Pipistrelle Bat in flight multiple exposure Robin on snowy Holly berries Robin on frosty sedge Fairy Wren and wing mirror Blackbird feeding chick in garden Blue tits fighting Bristlecone Pine & Ravens Barn Owls at Albury Church jigsaw Royal Terns in flight Whooper Swans at sunset Chinese geese on ice Whistling Swans flying Black-browed Albatross White dove in flight multiple exposure Pair of Keas scrapping Green-winged Macaw in flight Green Woodpecker in flight Ruby-topaz Hummingbird Hummingbird & red passion flower Gentoo Penguin Gentoo Penguins Yellow-eyed Penguin Australian Pelican in flight European Tree Frog leaping at a fly Green frog on a green leaf Neotenous albino and normal newts Albino Axolotl Orange Tip Butterfly Glasswing Butterfly Green Lacewing Horse Fly Mosquito on water surface Common Darter Dragonfly eyes Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly over glistening water Spider's Web in the wind Jumping Spider multiple exposure Heart Urchin Looking up at Larches with snow and mist Dead tree and star swirl Aurora Borealis Subalpine Firs and Mt. Hozameen Trees with star swirl Namib tree at sunset Beech tree Quiver Trees at sunset Sunbeams and oak tree Beach trees with sunbeams Looking up a Quiver Tree Misty Beech woodland Woodland with mist and sunbeams Wall Lettuce flower and seeds Herb-Robert flower Bleeding heart flower Dandelion with seeds blowing off Autumn reflections with drip rings and floating leaves Mushrooms Luminous Fungi Fern on Lava Saguaro Cactus Dandelion seeds Goatsbeard seedhead at sunset Dead-head with frost Beach-worn pebbles Waterfall at Gidgegannup Iceberg Water drop forming spike Skogafoss waterfall Rough sea at sunset Rough sea at sunset Erciyes Dagi mountain Pinnacles Desert at sunrise panorama Fairy chimneys Blue sky and clouds with rays Long-eared Bat Ink cap fungus Namibian Rock Agama Jays on an ant hill Boletus fungus Rime on a beech tree Nile Crocodile with Egyptian Plover Fern frond