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Spots on the flank of a cheetah Snake skin detail Leaf skeleton Leaf skeleton Section through oak branch Wood grain Driftwood patterns Mandelbrot design Fly Agaric Crazed mud in Iceland Sheet ice crystals viewed by polarised light Frost crystals on the ice of a pond Scalloped surface of an iceberg Bubble raft Volvox Rowan berries Beach-worn pebbles Iona Pebbles Spotted ocher fungus Sulphur tufts Unfinished orb web with dew Dew-covered spider's web Burnt Ponderosa Pine Looking up a Quiver Tree Teredo worm bored wood Gunnera flower Pink hydrangea flowers Boston Ivy leaves Autumnal Boston Ivy leaves Maidenhair ferns Thimbleberry leaves Autumnal Boston Ivy leaves Tree fern frond Fern frond Aspen leaves Sand dollar Creeper on a brick wall in New England Leaf impressions in ice Aeonium arboreum with raindrops Moss Euphorbia spines New Zealand rainforest fern Fern on Lava Dew on Grass Tree Dead Saguaro trunk Saguaro Cactus Organ pipe cactus spines Detail of pine cone Basalt columns in Iceland Water drip-rings Ornamental Cabbage Snowflake Stripy pebble on rock Layered rocks in Norway Water going down a sluice-gate Pink salt crystals Lava patterns Patterns in sand Sheet ice crystals viewed by polarised light Common Zebras Pattern of sectioned ammonite Pattern of polished ammonite Ammonite Giant millipede Rainforest Butterfly Camouflaged leafy mantis on rainforest leaf Water skaters and shadows Peppered Moths Woodbridge Poison flowers Everlasting thistle Blue Club Moss Pattern of sectioned ammonite Morpho Butterfly wing scales Gills of Boletus fungus Gliding Gecko with eggs Slow-worm cast skin Green leafy moth Peacock Butterfly Growth rings in Douglas Fir Autumnal oak leaves Flowering Currant leaves Ivy Ageing holly leaf Variegated Dtella Peas in a pod Pill Millipedes Pine cone open and closed