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Common Zebras Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Madagascar Flying Foxes in flight Ring-tailed lemur Verreaux's Sifaka Ring-tailed lemur Wild Boar piglets Kudu at sunset Zebra and foal Springbok rams locking horns Springbok scratching its neck Donkey in Egypt Southern Flying Squirrel Common Zebras at a salt lick Pere David's Deer drinking Stoat looking out from log Cape Fur Seal Brown hare Baby bunny among Primroses Long-tailed Macaque Natterer's Bat drinking Natterer's Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking Brown Long-eared Bat drinking in flight Red Fox cub among cowslips Red Fox cub among cowslips Red Fox cub and stuffed toy dog Chipmunk and Owlet Chipmunk and Owlet Young rabbits with daisies Rabbits and full moon Baby bunny among Primroses Wild Boar piglet Brown Bear Bush meat hunting team Alpine Ibex Zebras drinking Mule Deer Mantled howler monkey Coati River otter River otter Squirrel leap Greater Kudu at sunset Oryx with termitaria Capuchin Grevy's Zebra Grevy's Zebra Cape Ground Squirrel Agouti Mountain Zebras Mountain Zebras Grevy's Zebra Springbok with kids Ratel raiding a dustbin Arctic Fox in summer coat Red Fox cub among flowers Red Fox Ring-tailed lemur Ring-tailed lemur Ring-tailed lemur Ring-tailed lemur Baby Hedgehog being hand-reared Brown Bear Springboks on sand dunes Rat in pond grooming River otter Young stoats Long-eared bat in flight Weddell Seal Kapadokian camel Long-eared Bat in flight Grey Squirrel has upset basket of nuts Tree Shrew Tenrec Cape Ground Squirrel Sika Deer Grey seal pup Stoat pawsover birch stump Ratel raiding a dustbin Plains Zebra Mountain zebra Plains zebras sparring Banded mongoose Banded mongoose White rhino Cape Fur Seal Brown hyena footprints Weighing a Red Fox cub Arctic Fox in summer coat Fox cub bathing in a bowl Red Fox cub Cute little Red Fox cub Rabbit reaching up to eat holly Diadem sifaka Verreaux's Sifaka bounding Verreaux's Sifaka bounding Indiri portrait