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Acacia Katydid Emperor moth Orange tip caterpillar on garlic mustard Giant spider Sea slugs egg-laying Sea lemon Red-back Spider Rainbow shield bug Red-tailed Bumblebee Black Ants with pupae Silver-spotted Skipper Flightless grasshoppers Clouded Yellow var helice in flight Alder Fly Stromatolites Wood Boring Beetle Bee fly on loganberry flower Bee fly on loganberry flower Thick-knee Beetle Spittle Bug with Cuckoo Spit Robber Fly with prey Robber Fly with prey Seven-spot Ladybird pupa Cuckoo spit with Spittle Bug Thick-headed Fly roosting Large Red Damselfly in flight Shieldbug Common White-tailed Bumblebee Two-banded Longhorn Beetle Green Tiger Beetle Juniper Shieldbug Green Lacewing Green Lacewing November Moth Whirligig Beetles Rhododendron Leaf-hopper Rhododendron Leaf-hopper Limpet on crazed rock Mosquito sucking blood Wasp Beetle larvae and pupae Roman Snail shell sectioned Oak leaves with bush cricket Tsetse Fly gravid female Southern Aeshna Dragonfly Glowworms Woodlice under bark Honey Bee larvae in cells Wool Carder Bee Southern Hawker Dragonfly Southern Hawker Dragonfly in flight Ammonite Stone Centipede Cleaner shrimp cleaning butterfly fish Oak Marble Gall wasp Silk Moths emerging Bag moth larva Banana Slug Aggressive ants Parent Bug guarding young Shore Crab female carrying eggs Wood Ant defensive Cockchafer taking off Jamaican Orb-web Spider Orb-web Spider building web African Cardinal Beetle Beetle in Gazania flower Longhorn Beetle on willow Wssp spider Hornet robber fly with prey Mosquito on human arm Tawny cockroach Leaf-cutting bee resting Leaf-cutting bee cutting leaf Brown Argus Butterfly Cinnabar caterpillars Tiger Cranefly showing haltere Tiger Cranefly showing haltere Millipede Dobsonfly Camouflaged rainforest hawkmoth Tiger beetle Purple and Gold Pyralid Moth Marsh fritillary Green sawfly Great green grasshopper nymph Mason bee carrying pollen Katydid in flight Wasp Beetle Giant cricket Sexton beetles takeoff at dusk Vapourer Moth with eggs Peacock Butterfly caterpillars European Hornet queen on cotoneaster Common Woodlouse on moss Common Woodlouse on lichen-covered stone Yellow Blister Beetle Wide-bodied Chaser Dragonfly Thick-knee Beetle Shieldbug Banded Agrion Damselfly on buttercup flower