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Harlequin ladybirds in flight Ladybird triple image Lacewing taking off multiple exposure Southern Hawker Dragonfly in flight Southern Hawker Dragonfly Venus' Flytrap with damselfly Octopus Harlequin Beetle Rainforest Butterfly Leafy Mantis on leaf-litter Jumping spider Yellow-and-black Cranefly Common Darter Dragonfly eyes Pond skaters The Cruiser butterflies Glow-worm Leafy Katydid Green dung beetle Tiger beetle flying from gorse Mosquito Leaf cutting bee Hornet Water Fleas Libellula Dragonfly Tiger Beetle Hornets in flight Peacock butterfly caterpillar Emperor moth Marbled White Butterflies flying over flowers Garden Snail Stag Beetles at sunset Leaf-cutting Bee in flight Shore Crab Brimstone taking off multiple exposure Octopus Millipede Jumping spider Ladybird take-off Hornet in flight Sexton Beetles on a vole Brown-lipped Banded Snail Cockchafer taking off multiple exposure Archer Fish jetting at spider Bloodworms Common Wasp worker banking in flight European Map Butterfly Water spider Brimstone multiple Hornet worker 'attack mode' Leaf beetle Giant Cockroach 'Walking dandruff' on cat fur Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies in flight Ladybird take-off Water flea in a water drop Camberwell Beauty Butterfly Stable Fly Mason bee carrying mud Comma butterfly on buddleia Honey Bee from above Cockchafer taking off multiple exposure Cardinal Beetle European Swallowtail Butterfly on thistle Octopus Stag Beetle with sky Adonis Blue butterfly House Spider Hornet male in flight Solifugid Solitary Wasp Violet Ground Beetle Cat Flea larva Morpho Butterfly wing scales Venus' Flytrap with trapped fly Harlequin Butterfly Pattern of sectioned ammonite Toad defensive at Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar Unfinished orb web with dew Hornet in flight Harlequin Bugs Rainbow Shieldbug Brimstone Butterflies taking off Darter Dragonfly Tadpole Shrimp Garden Spider in dewy web Rhinoceros beetle flying Leafy moth on leaf litter Large white multiple Orange-coloured woodlouse Froghopper nymph Honey Bee from above Rosy Footman Moth Japanese green Praying Mantis Cyclops Edible Crab Giant Pill Millipede on hand 89 butterfly Centipede Green tree ants with mimic bug Marbled White Butterfly flying over flower