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Marbled White Butterfly flying over flower Garden Snail Common Blue Damselfly Woodlouse Hornet in flight Chalkhill Blue male in flight Daddy-long-legs Spider Longhorn beetle Horse Leeches Roundworms Japanese mantis flying Northern Moss Carder Bee Tiger beetle flying from gorse Green Hydra walking Giant Lacewing taking off multiple image Camouflaged leafy mantis on rainforest leaf European Lobster Cat Flea Stinging caterpillar Dobsonfly Mayflies at sunset Lesser Bladderwort with trapped Water Flea Green Tree Ants Digger wasp with a fly Brine Shrimp eggs hatching False Scorpion Peacock Butterfly on buddleia flower Mosquito on water surface Water Boatman White kitten with flowers, looking at bee Green Hairstreak Butterfly on blackthorn Marbled White wings spread Earthworm Aeshna dragonfly Dobsonfly Red Mason Bee carrying mud Mosquito engorged with blood Bee-killer Wasp with bee Common Prawn with eggs Red Admiral hatch sequence Small Copper Butterfly Queen Honey Bee laying eggs European Hornet head of queen showing ocelli Large Red Damselfly nymph Southern Hawker Dragonfly flying over a pond Southern Hawker Dragonflies in flight Luminous click beetle Bee fly visiting Alkanet flower Giant cockroach Bumblebee visiting comfrey Beetle in Gazania flower Bengal cat and Kitten with hornet Cave centipede Bee-killer wasp with bee Leaf-cutter ants Oak Bush Cricket leaping Shore Crab larva Bumblebees and spear thistle Orange-tip Spiky spider Peacocok butterfly Glasswing Butterfly Trinidad cicada Red Ant and Nettle Aphids Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly flying multiple exposure Roesel's Bush Cricket leaping Puss Moth caterpillar Giant Salmon-pink Bird-eating Spider Sand dollar on sand Sand dollar Slave maker ant with slave Spider in web with approaching mosquito Rhinoceros beetle male Red hermit crab Freshwater Tubifex worm Great Green Bush Cricket Small Copper on heather Kitten looking at a bee on its mother's tail Lacewing taking off multiple exposure Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly Borneo moth Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula Dragonflies on Gambia River Shell Beach Leaf-cutting Bee Swallowtail buitterfly scales Saturnid moth caterpillar Crane Fly or Daddy long legs fly Median Wasp queen Cattleheart Butterfly Honey Bee drone Adonis Blue on fleabane Mosquitoes in flight Short-winged Conehead leaping Harlequin Beetle Bumblebee in flight Nut weevil Hornet Mosquito egg boat Southern Aeshna Dragonfly eyes