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Dune Beetle Chalk-hill blue mulstiple Common Blue Butterfly with harebells Long-tailed Field Mouse with a tick White-tailed Bumblebee Cardinal Beetle Pill Millipedes American Moon Moth & moon Green mantis Daphnia with eggs Cat sniffing a flower with a bee Galls on beech leaves Culex mosquito American Moon Moth Lacewing taking off Green leafy moth Brassica Shield Bug Marbled White Butterflies Comma Butterfly egg Brown Centipede Common Hawker Dragonfly Cockchafer taking off Earthworm aestivating Hornet worker in flight Sea hares and eggs Woodlice under bark Common Hydra budding Common Wasp sting Male mosquito on a bud Hermit Crab Pond Skater Green Tiger Beetle Freshwater Shrimp Green Lacewing Dragonflies flying over a pond Adonis Blues feeding on Eyebright Houseflies in flight Luminous click beetle Bee box for Red Mason Bees House cricket leaping Green fruit beetles Painted Lady hatch - wings open Fleas on baby ferrets Stag Beetle in flight Marine planktonic copepod Pill Woodlouse Sea urchin Garden Tiger Moth Red Admiral on autumnal leaves Non-biting midge larvae Australian jumping spider Libellula Dragonfly in flight Garden Spider with cranefly prey Mexican Blond Tarantula Nautilus shells Green Tree Ants Goose Barnacles Marbled White Butterflies flying over flowers European Swallowtail caterpillar Freshwater Shrimp with young Volvox colonies at 15x magnification Bloodworms Brimstone Butterfly Grasshopper jumping Common Shore Crab Harlequin Ladybirds in flight Longhorn beetle takeoff multiple image Luminous click beetle Glasswing Butterfly Bumblebee Wolf Spider Japanese mantis flying Ichneumon Fiddler Crab Common Prawn larva Honey Bee cells with eggs and larvae Cockroach Tiger Leech on a leaf Cat Flea larvae Painted Lady Butterfly Silverfish Harlequin ladybird December Moth Wood Ants squirting Brine shrimp Brine shrimp Amaurobius Spider Sheep tick Praying mantis portrait Aeshna dragonfly Giant Pill Millipede on hand Stinkhorn and flies Tokitok beetle Mason Bee laying an egg Clown Anemone-fish Shells on Shell Beach Mexican Blond Tarantula Common Newt taking a fly Meadow Bumblebee Green fruit beetle