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Dog dreaming about being loved Border Collie bitch about to catch her ball Young rabbit shaking his head and flapping his ears about Silver tabby Bengal-cross kitten about to pounce Cats mimsing about on a chair Cat about to use her litter tray Guinea pig about to kiss Tabby-and-white kitten Vet holding cat about to be given booster vaccination Guinea pig about to kiss Tabby-and-white kitten Kittens about to eat from a plastic bowl European Robin about to have a bathe Silver tabby cat about to jump Silver tabby cats, wearing Santa hats, about to kiss Brown dog about to leap English Bull Terrier sitting, about to give a paw Calico cat being fussy about her food Burmese kitten, 7 weeks old, about to leap Guinea pig about to kiss Tabby-and-white kitten Brimstone Butterfly pupa about to hatch Ginger kitten about to leap Young sandy rabbit about to groom on blue background Egg-eating Snake about to swallow egg Silver tabby Bengal-cross kitten about to pounce Burmese kitten, 7 weeks old, about to leap Kitten about to eat a flower Egg-eating Snake about to regurgitate crushed eggshell Anhinga about to take off Playful Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old, fooling about Kitten and puppy playing Silver tabby cat stalking Toddler picking up ginger cat Robin in flight Golden Retriever chasing his tail Budgerigars landing Bengal cat and Kitten with hornet Robin in flight Robin and poplar Brimstone alighting on Selfheal Dusky Lories in flight Hedgehog mother and baby Barn Owl coming in to land Tawny owlet Redpoll male Monarch Butterfly hatching Primitive prosauropods Redpoll in flight Tawny owlet Silver kitten stalking banjo frog Eclectus Parrots Kitten and puppy playing Unkempt Persian cat Border Collie dreaming of chasing a car Newly-hatched Brown Trout Silver tabby cat standing Ladybird larva Kitten eating from a plastic bowl Girl with horse Eclectus Parrots Silver tabby cat Peach-faced Love Bird landing Kitten eating from a plastic bowl Bottle feeding an orphan kitten Vaccinating Border Collie pup Tsetse Fly gravid female Eclectus Parrots Wood Ants on sand Tanner Beetle larva Sleepy elderly Blue Birman female cat Great tit taking off from perch East African diving beetle larva and tadpole Jack Russell puppy Frigate bird Natterer's bat Leaf cutter Natterer's bat Orange-tip butterfly basking Orange tip egg Long-eared bat Blackbird bathing Girl scaring a ginger kitten Egg-eating Snake Jackson's Chameleon Common Carder Bee Black-and-white Puppy and ginger kitten meeting European Hornet queen Brimstone Butterfly pupa Frigate bird Black Labrador Retriever pup with rabbit Labrador retriever on beach Tawny owlet Inserting microchip into neck of Saluki Lurcher Frigate bird

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