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Budgerigars landing Robin and poplar Brimstone alighting on Selfheal Redpoll male Redpoll in flight Great tit flying up to a coconut Peach-faced Love Bird landing Short-eared owl landing Saker Falcon alighting Tawny Owl alighting Barn Owl silhouette at sunset Tiger Swallowtail alighting Barn Owl & Albury Church Barn Owl silhouette with moon Harris Hawk landing Ferruginous Hawk landing Hybrid falcon alighting 3D 2 R Barn Owl alighting on fencepost Harris Hawk alighting Short-eared Owl alighting on a rock Barn owl in snowy sunset Barn Owl & Albury Church silhouette Blue tit alighting sequence Darter Dragonfly landing multiple exposure Dusky Lories in flight Barn Owl alighting on a fencepost Barn Owl coming in to land Barn Owl & Albury Church Blackbird female alighting Blue Tit alighting on a snowy hazel branch Barn Owl alighting multiple image Tawny Owl alighting on fallen Ash Black-throated Mango Hummingbird Blackbird female alighting Robin in flight Landing eagle Jackdaw alighting Barn Owl landing on a fencepost Barn Owl alighting on fencepost Blue Tit alighting at nest hole Barn Owls alighting Nuthatch alighting Tawny Owl alighting Wasp on figwort Orange-tip Butterfly in flight Little Owl Barn Owl alighting on fencepost Large Red Damselfly in flight Cockatiel Tawny Owl Marmalade hoverfly Great Spotted Woodpecker Marmalade Hoverfly Tawny Owl alighting Tawny Owl alighting Common Darter Dragonfly Little Owl Tawny Owl Rosy-faced Lovebird Little Owl Little Owl Blue tit alighting Coal tit alighting Nuthatch alighting

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