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Dog pulling another dog's tail Border Collie pup asserting dominance over another pup Cat showing aggression to another Silver tabby kitten, offering roses to another Playful ginger kitten leaping at another lying on its back Border Collie stalking another Tabby kitten sniffing scent of another cat on the grass Cat, snarling at another Silver tabby kitten whispering in the ear of another Cat sniffing chair seat where another has been Cat bopping another on the head Cat sniffing where another has rubbed Calico and ginger cats sniffing one another in greeting Kitten prodding another to wake her Border Collie pup asserting dominance over another pup Wood Ant carrying another Common Wasp worker banking in flight Brimstone Butterflies taking off Wood Ant piggyback Jackson's Chameleon Wood Ant piggyback Yellow Retriever puppy in a plastic bucket Leatherback Turtle Dachshund pups with rabbit Dominant male silver tabby cat Border Collie snarling Border Collie snarling Two Retriever pups Border Collie snarling Ginger cat sniffing Funny kitten batting another's tail Border Collie bitch biting another's muzzle Kitten licking another's ear

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