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Snow-covered branches Partial eclipse behind dead oak tree Brown Spotted Bengal kitten climbing a tree Brown Spotted Bengal kitten climbing a tree Ginger kitten on a branch Tabby kitten looking down from a branch Foreign Lilac cat on a branch Sunbeams and oak tree Archaeopteryx on old pine branch Great Horned Owl on a snowy branch Orang utan, hanging from a branch Mouse jumping multiple exposure Bristlecone Pine & Ravens Mexican Blond Tarantula Baby Mistle Thrushes Grey Squirrel on a snowy branch Robin on a branch Beech tree Big leaf maple branch Sunset behind beech trees Egrets and cormorants at sunset Crow on a branch Ichneumon egg-laying Turkey Vultures sunbathing Dead Mangrove roots 3D 1 R Proboscis monkey Section through oak branch Rainforest duck Great Grey Owls in Finland Siberian Chipmunk Fallen tree in Waterloo Pond Kinabalu alpine forest Peace dove with olive branch Snowy woodland scene 3D 1 R Dead oak tree silhouette Dead tree at Hidden Vlei Up a Gum tree Snowy woodland scene 3D 2 R Joshua Tree, from below Eucalyptus trunk Craters of the Moon Oak tree with snow 3D R American Beech woodland 3D R European Robin on snowy branch Bare Throated Tiger Heron Dead tree at Hidden Vlei Joshua Tree fronds Eucalyptus trunk White Tea Trees Kinabalu alpine forest Blue Tit alighting on a snowy hazel branch Dead Juniper tree Dead tree in the Namib Desert Dead tree at Hidden Vlei Tiger Heron Rime growing on the windward side of Oak twigs Dead trees in Shenandoah Robin on a branch Blue tit drinking sap Albury Saxon church with snow Moss and lichen on a branch Cat up a tree with cloudy sky Orang utan, hanging from a branch Black cat on sweet chestnut branch in bright sunlight Scottish Wild Cat Ginger cat climbing Kitten on a branch Albury Saxon church with frost Usual Abyssinian cat Grey Squirrels on a branch Sparrow on a branch A pair of Magpies on a branch Ginger kitten on a branch Black cat on oak branch in bright sunlight Great-spotted Woodpecker perched Red-tailed Boa Kitten up a tree Song Thrush singing Scottish Wild Cat Wood Wasp egg-laying Wood pigeon Kitten head-rubbing to lay scent Big leaf Maple branch Peace dove with olive branch Crow on a branch Barn Owl on a branch Little Owl landing Albury Saxon church with snow Yellow-necked Mice Hornet workers on Cotoneaster Robin on a branch Coniferous woodland 3D 1 R Freezing rain on oak twigs Kitten up a tree with cloudy sky Grey Squirrels on an apple branch Rime-covered Holly leaves Cream and silver tabby kittens on a branch Wild Cat stalking Southern Flying Squirrel Wasp Beetle larvae and pupae

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