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Giant Oak in Costa Rican montane forest Mopho Butterfly Emerging Morpho butterfly Cattle Frog Katydid Millipede Leaf-cutting ants Leaf-cutting ants Katydid Cattle Cattle Leaf-cutting ants Katydid Katydid Horsefly Arenal volcano Earwig Hornet nest Hornet nest Frog Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly Dragonfly Cicada adult emerging at night Giant earwig Red-spot longtail glasswing butterfly Fruiting vine Hummingbird & red passion flower Tiger-rump Doppelganger Spider Leafy Katydid Camouflaged leafy mantis on rainforest leaf Leafy Katydid Tiger Longwing Butterfly Hummingbird Hummingbird at red passion flower Frog in a swimming pool Thorny trunk Butterfly on Heliconia leaf Resting Hummingbird Gulls on a ferry Lizard on a leaf Stinging caterpillar Red Angel's Trumpet flower Snail-eating snake Mongrel dog tied to a rope Dog swimming Dogs coming out of the sea after a swim Tiger-rump Doppelganger Spider Tiger-rump Doppelganger Spider

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