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Cats hunting

Cats hunting

Barn Owl hunting sequence Weighing the catch of Bush meat hunting in West Africa Long-eared Bat hunting a moth Bush meat hunting team Bush meat hunting Spider hunting wasp with prey Short-eared Owl in Iceland Mother cat bringing in mouse for her young kittens Short-eared Owl in Iceland Sand Wasp plugging its burrow Cat leaping at Robin in snow Golden Cat leaping at Great Tit Silhouette cats leaping at a bat Kitten and Leopard stalking Cat stalking a Common Frog Ginger cat leaping at Wood Pigeon Ginger cat pouncing at a frog Wild Cat swiping at a Coal Tit Silver tabby cat stalking Silver tabby cat grasping at Great Tit Kitten watching a cricket and preparing to pounce Lilac cat leaping at Blue tit Parakeet escaping Grasping Cat Cat & Butterflies Cockatiel escaping Ginger Cat Tabby cat leaping at a great tit Cat carrying captured bird in snow Ginger cat leaping at Jackdaw Cat with a captured bird British Silver Spotted male cat pouncing Golden Cat leaping at Great Tit Wild cat with pheasant in Scotland Cat & Snow in Manning Park Silver tabby cat Turkish van kittens fishing in a pond Robin, Duck and Cat Dribbling cat and Toad Quokka & cat with blackboys Black-and-white kitten Cat stalking a baby Black-and-white cat stalking Silver spotted cat reaching out Mother cat playing with a mouse Tortoiseshell kitten, stalking Grey kitten, 10 weeks old, with mouse prey Kitten, 11 weeks old, playing with a dead mouse Cat, stalking Slinky silver cat Silver cat pouncing a mouse Kitten and bumblebee Cat furtively prowling Silver cat pawing at Quokka Leaping Siamese cat in garden Slinky silver cat approaching Quokka Scottish Wild Cat Wild Cat attempting to catch a Blue Tit Burmese kitten, prowling Spider Wasp Turkish Van female cat watching goldfish Mother cat bringing in mouse for her young kittens Spider Wasp White cat watching Goldfish in garden pond Black-and-white cat stalking Black cat with captured young house sparrow White cat watching Goldfish in garden pond Wild Cat stalking Grey kitten ready to pounce Tabby Shorthair cat playing with mouse prey Spider-hunting wasp Silver tabby cat prowling Silver tabby cat ready to pounce Spider-hunting wasp with prey Spider-hunting wasp with prey Spider-hunting wasp with prey Silver tabby cat stalking

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