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Mark and the Marmots Mark & Hazel with little umbrellas Mark photographing with Siena Mark and baby Siena Mark & Hazel on flamingo nests Mark and Hazel on Kimmeridge beach Kim, Mark and Hazel on beach Jamaica, 1968 Mark at Kimmeridge Mark watching snail Jane, Mark and Hazel on the beach in Jamaica, 1986 Jane, Mark and Hazel at We Reach, Trinidad, 1968 Mark with his pet albino rat Mark pouring mud on the beach, Jamaica 1968 Mark at We Reach, Trinidad Man and dog watching a boat at Whitenothe Photographer taking a dead tree Boy sharing a biscuit with a rock hyrax Boy with little umbrella Father and baby Children at Aberdare Mountains Children on a beach with Border Collies Man with dog Man and baby and cat Tourist and man of the sulphur mine at Kawah Ijen Best man and little girl bridesmaid Mother and children feeding ducks Cat spraying Ginger-and-white tom-cat, spraying Hoverflies hovering St Mark's Fly in flight Boy with Golden Hamster Cat spraying Silver Tabby Cat rubbing against stool Dog urinating Common Newt taking a fly St Mark's Fly St Mark's Fly in flight Leatherback Turtle Ring-tailed lemur St Mark's Fly in flight St Mark's Fly in flight Slate rock with limpets Ginger cat sniffing Ring-tailed lemur Ring-tailed lemur Boy with Golden Hamster Ring-tailed lemur Ring-tailed lemur Silver tabby cat scent-marking the top of a fence Common Wasps at nest entrance Slate rock St Mark's Fly

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