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Radial patterns

Radial patterns

Aurora Borealis Snowflake Dead tree and star swirl Dew-covered spider's web Fireworks at sunset Unfinished orb web with dew Garden Spider in dewy web Beetle in Gazania flower Ornamental Cabbage Dew on Grass Tree Pill Millipedes Trees with star swirl Giant Pill Millipede on hand Ammonite Red and yellow flower Aeonium arboreum with raindrops Beech fungi Growth rings in Douglas Fir Mandelbrot design Dewy orb web Flowering Currant leaves Euphorbia spines Protea bud Dew on Grass Tree Fan palm leaf Japanese maple leaves Spiky plant Star swirl Star swirl Mother-of-Pearl Plant with captured drop of water Pill Millipede Everlasting thistle Firework Dewy spider's web blown by the wind Harlequin Flower Hogweed seedhead Saguaro spines Japanese maple leaf Conebush Protea Dewy orb web Ammonite Firework Many-zoned Polypore fungus Looking up a shaft carved by rain in soft rock Looking up a shaft carved by rain in soft rock Goatsbeard seedhead pattern

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