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Nautilus shells Shells on Shell Beach Nautilus shells Slipper Limpet shells with crab Mudskippers Aphids killed by parasitic wasps Silver kitten and snail Garden Snail Banded snail and raindrops Brown-lipped Banded Snail Garden Snail Pattern of sectioned ammonite Bean and shell Stegosaurus Sand dollar Shell Beach Sea urchin Ammonite Ammonite Backlit sand dollar Chick in half an egg Pea Crab female Pattern of polished ammonite Roman Snail shell sectioned Ammonite Satin Bowerbirds Striped snail Striped snail Pattern of sectioned ammonite Pattern of polished ammonite Banded snail and raindrops Garden Snails hibernating Topshells Pattern of sectioned ammonite Striped snail Striped snail Hermit Crab Hermit Crab Crab coming out of a scallop shell Yellow snail Sand dollar Red Hermit Crab Garden Snail Honey Bee drinking Hibernating Garden Snails Hatchling Moorhen chick in nest Mason Bee carrying grass Limpets and barnacles on crazed rock Hermit Crab Brimstone Butterfly caterpillar hatching from egg time lapse Chinese Soft-shell Turtle Ammonite East African tree snails Striped snail Pattern of sectioned ammonite Limpets on a cracked rock Garden Snail Limpet on crazed rock Brown-lipped Banded Snail Polished ammonite African Giant Snails Roman Snail shell by transmitted light Hibernating Garden Snails Pattern of sectioned ammonite Striped snail Slate rock with limpets Spur-thighed Tortoise, newly-hatched Slate rock with limpets and barnacles Orange-tip Butterfly egg showing caterpillar hatching Striped snail Striped snail Rift Valley Cichlid Striped snail Hermit Crab Slate rock with limpets Slate rock with barnacles Volute shell sectioned Mason bee Mason bee Striped snail Striped snail Mason bee

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