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Rattan stem Frost crystals on delicate grass stem Green aphids on plant stem Aphids on nettle stem Dragonflies on a stem Stinging hairs on a nettle stem Comma butterfly at rest on a dried Hogweed stem Comma butterfly at rest on a dried Hogweed stem Red and black frog hopper on buttercup stem Ascalaphid or Owlfly at rest on a grass stem Horsefly laying eggs on grass stem Banded snail and raindrops Froghopper nymph Ant collecting honeydew from aphids Ants tending aphids Ants sharing a drop of honeydew from aphids Black aphids on broad bean Ants collecting honeydew from aphids Rust fungus on groundsel Shieldbug laying eggs Mark watching snail Rhododendron leaf-hopper ejecting drop of water Mayfly at sunrise Rose Sawfly Seven-spot Ladybird eating an aphid Seven-spot Ladybird eating an aphid Springtail on bramble Dragonflies on Gambia River Baby toad among moss spore capsule stems Cricket in a drop of water Red ant and aphids Red ant milking an aphid Hover Fly larva Tawny cockroach Rime on dead plant stems Dodder climbing up grass stems Southern Aeshna Dragonfly hatching

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